2527 - Kleiner Stern von Chatria
The Little Star of Chtria
Arndt Ellmer

Atlan is following up indications, which he received from Admiral Meruv Tatur. New suns have been appearing in the sphere of influence of the Gaids within the shortest time and vanishing again. One of the places this is happening is the Sicatemo system on the edge of the Bengar star cluster. In this system a small red star appeared years ago without affecting the gravitational structure of the system. The Gaids forcibly occupied Chatria, the third planet, settled by Tefroders, some time later. Because Chatria is considered, in spite of the deposits of Altrit, to be an insignificant world, the Virth of Tefrod has not regarded it up to now as necessary to proceed against the occupation. Nobody knows what the Gaids are actually searching for in the Sicatemo system. Now Atlan prepares an attack, which is to be the first common action with the Tefroders and the free Gaids.

Eloa Nobili, a Tefroder living on Chatria, gives birth on the day of the appearance of the red star to her daughter Sativa, who she calls her little star, blessed with an especially high Sagh quotient. Since the arrival of the Gaids, the Nobilis have greatly suffered, just like all the other Chatria Tefroders: The Gaids destroy space stations and spaceships if their crews violate the rules set up by the Gaids and public life is restricted more and more. In the end the Tefroders must withdraw into underground cities, in which they are however, not safe for long. More and more Tefroders join a resistance movement, as does Satol, Eloa’s husband, and their son Tokul. One day Sativa meets her father in a secret nightly excursion, but something is not right. The man acts strangely - and he visually identical to other men working with him. The Chatria Tefroders learn that the Gaids have taken prisoners and either cloned them or reproduced them with Multi-duplicators. As it turns out, the Gaids evidently find what they are looking for in some mountains, for they collapse all the case in them with their retrieval process.

On March 22, 1463 NGE, Atlan attacks with approximately five thousand ships. The Gaids leave the planet and retreat from the system without performing any considerable resistance. Then the littel red star disappears and a gravitational wave appears. Then a single Gaid cylinder ship returns and radios the JULES VERNE. The Frequency Monarchy, the message says, will not accept any further interference by the Galactics. What now happens immediately afterwards, can be done anywhere the Monarchy desires; for example in the Sol system. The spaceship then disappears. Atlan suspects what will come now, and orders the withdrawal of the fleet from the system. Shortly after that Sicatemo goes nova, killing everyone left in the system, including Eloa and her little star...

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