2525 - Mit den Augen der Gaids
With the Eye of the Gaids
Wim Vandemaan

Eighteen great battle ships of the Gaids have encircled the JULES VERNE. However, unlike other ships of this race that thy have met recently, the Gaids do not attack. Instead, Daore Hapho, commander of the ZHANVOU, makes radio contact with the Galactics and asks to be allowed to come aboard with four companions. Atlan and the Xenopsychologist Sári Várady receive the delegation. One of Hapho’s companions is Cerdo Perisa, a very old Gaid who can move only with the help of an exoskeleton. He tells the Galactics his history, which explains at the same time how the Gaids have become the aiding race of the Frequency Monarchy.

At one time Perisa was the greatest composer among the Gaidors. His special talent consisted of virtually bringing hypercrystals to sing. This career was suddenly ended by the hypershock of 1331 NGE in the middle of triumphantly running concert. Perisa entered the fleet into which he was asked because of his experience with hypercrystals. When the Terminal Column marched into Andromeda in 1344 NGE and announced the TRAITOR DIRECTIVE, he was badly wounded with the battle against the Traitanks which attacked Gaidor. He survived and brought the fleet of the Gaids safely through the TRAITOR era by his caution and his diplomatic skills. In 1360 NGE he had reached the rank of an admiral and settled a conflict with Tefroders and Maahks over the planet Ajoor, which all three laid claim to due to its being blessed with rich hypercrysatl deposits.

In 1448 NGE a battle light of the Frequency Monarchy landed on Gaidor. Frequency Follower Vastrear offered a trade to the Gaids, which was accepted. The Gaids had to grant a free hand to the Frequency Monarchy with the search for an important object in their territory and give them support support. As a wage for these services they received upgrades to all their technology. Perisa flew with Vastrear to the planet, Hibernation-3, lying in a dark cloud to satisfy himself of the fact that the Frequency Monarchy could make good on their promises. The absolute superiority of the strangers who casually handled form energy convinced him completely. With the technology placed at their disposal by the Frequency Monarchy the Gaids experienced an unexpected uplifting. They had to fear no other power in Andromeda anymore.

However, not all Gaids were satisfied with this development. In 1456 NGE Perisa’s son Dargu Guoschan lost his life when rebels committed an attack on a public event. Perisa survived once again, but had to constantly wear the exoskeleton afterwards - also because of a progressive physical decay from which he had already suffered for some time. His close friend in this time was Daore Hapho, the leader of the naval secret service and the companion in life of his son. As a result of the shock suffered with the attack Perisa recognized that he lacked the memories of one of his days spent on Hibernation-3. The secret service head also thought that something was not right: again and again individual Gaids and whole ships were disappearing without a trace. One day one of the disappeared people, a Gaid by the name of Phyndor Daoschdan ,who had been declared dead announced the conquest of the Tefroder world Onoph V in a caught message. Perisa proceeded there himself. In a wreck he discovered numerous identical looking Gaids - obviously clones. One of them was a younger copy of he himself. With this it was clear what the Frequency Monarchy had done to him that day on Hibernation-3.

Perisa informed the Chancellor of the Gaids of all this. Vastrear was confronted with this knowledge. He admitted openly that the Frequency Monarchy was cloning Gaids on the large scale, crewing whole naval groups and important positions in this way. All of this was supposedly for the best for the Gaids, for "originals" were hardly to be wasted in space battles, but only clones. However, many Gaids, including Perisa, began to ask themselves what they were actually fighting for. In 1461 NGE Perisa and Hapho decided to go underground. When security forces approached, that were to arrest Perisa, he fled by transmitter to the ZHANVOU, which joined other rebel's ships.

With this Perisa’s story is up to date. Atlan, who was sympathetic towards the Gaids from the beginning trusts him. An alliance is arranged and the Galactics get the coordinates of a secret rebel base. Atlan has won several pieces of knowledge: the Frequency Monarchy is hiding their Hibernation worlds from somebody, so they fear an enemy who is still more powerful. The technology of the Galactics is stil superior to what the Gaids use, which is regarded as the best of their whole galaxy. The Frequency Monarchy in Andromeda had such easy game because the most important races of this galaxy have not cooperated. Therefore it is fixed for Atlan that he must generate an arrangement between Gaids, Tefroders and Maahks, like a Galacticum in Andromeda. Contacts with the Tefroders and the Gaids were already made, therefore this leaves the Maahks. Now the Galactics must find out why this race has withdrawn so much from the galactic events.

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