2523 - Am Rand von Amethyst
On the Edge of Amethyst
Christian Montillon

Icho Tolot has stayed behind in the Stardust system to support Timber F. Whistler. He joins Captain Eritrea Kush, who is in command of a company of the 3rd Stardust-Space Landing Division, which protects a part of the front at Amethyst City. A deadlock has occurred there: The spaceships of the strangers have been intercepted by the Stardust fleet, and all of Amethyst lies under Paratron-bolting fields which are generated by two battle cruisers of the ARES class, but the strangers have also established protective screens and, moreover, continuously receive new supplies materializing in Amethyst City. It is observed that they are building something. Whistler cannot allow that a new menace might originate there. Therefore, Tolot and Kush undertake the first attempt to penetrate to the invaders. The Paratron screen is deactivated, the cruisers shooting down the protective field of the strangers, and Icho Tolot and Eritrea Kush lead her troop on the attack. Icho Tolot has given the order to avoid victims on the side of the opponents as far as possible.

At least one of the invaders comes to respect the Stardust soldiers because of this order. Kardo Tarba, a Jaranoc and the leader of the ten thousand strong Fourth Jara Division, is clear that the humanoids would only need to have their spherical spaceships shoot at his people’s base to extinguish all the Jaranocs. They have not done this up to now in spite of their own losses, and moreover only paralysis weapons were used in the new storming attack. And, in the end, the humanoids are not the real enemy of the Jaranocs. Therefore, he orders his own men to proceed accordingly and use no deadly weapons. He still wants to fulfill his order with all means: protect the building site of the Hyperdim-Perforator. The Jaranocs come not from Amethyst City, but only use this to be able to reach Cataract from another location. They are pressed for time, because the city will soon move on to its next location.

Although it looks at first as if Icho Tolot and Eritrea Kush’s troops have a real chance to penetrate up to the building site, in the end the opposition of the Jaranocs turns out to be too strong. Not even the Haluter can change this, and finally the storming attack must be broken off when the strangers call over aerial support. The troops of Stardust humanity withdraw, and the screen fields are established again.

During the investigation of a wasp ship that had fallen beyond the protective screen dome, the ship explodes. Twelve Stardust soldiers die, and some others become seriously injured. Eritrea Kush is also wounded, but is soon back on her feet.

In search of an alternative way to the building site of the strangers Icho Tolot tries a transmitter connection from the Stardust-rock needle. Only a fraction of the possible destinations available with the cage transmitters that came to life with Perry Rhodan’s arrival have been investigated, and Tolot rightly supposes that one of the counterstations is within the protective fields established by the invaders. The transmitter stands in a hall under the planet’s surface, so that Tolot, Captain Kush and a small mission troop can really approach the building site. Already on the way the intruders can recognize that a bigger, five hundred forty meter long version of the familiar wasp shaped ship is being built. Detections prove that the ship is probably already finished.

The mission troop is discovered in spite of their deflectors. At the same time Amethyst City disappears. Due to the energy chaos linked with it all technology temporarily dies. The members of the mission troop flying to the building site fall and two soldiers die as a result of this. Icho Tolot still gives the order to penetrate to the wasp ship.

It comes to a battle between the Jaranocs defending the wasp ship and the mission troop of Stardust humanity. Moreover, the cruisers of Stardust humanity once more take the protective fields of the Jaranocs under bombardment. While the fighting continues, Kardo Tarba gives the order to begin the Hyperdim-Perforator. The wasp ship dissolves - it "launches". Again the Stardust soldiers must withdraw, their work unfinished. Kardo Tarba allows this as his sense of honor requires it of him. VATROX-VAMU can be content with his soldiers anyway, because the Hyperdim-Perforator was finished on time and brought to safety. Kardo Tarba decides to challenge the gigantic, four-armed fighting colossus that supported the humanoids to a duel as soon as possible.

Timber F. Whistler has received a new bad piece of news. Twelve battle lights of the Frequency Monarchy are approaching the Stardust system. The fleet has no hope against them. In this situation Tolot decides to activate one of the cartouches in the Stardust-rock needle, which the scientist Lira Weiluna had pointed him out. The symbol shows twenty-two circularly arranged stars, which represent the Stardust system. When the Sextadim-veil around the galaxy disappeared, a sketched line appeared on the system cartouche, surrounding it. As soon as Tolot touches the symbol, a new Sextadim veil forms around the system, which the battle lights now get stuck in.

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