2522 - Winter auf Wanderer
Winter on Wanderer
Uwe Anton

On the day of arrival of the units of the Stardust fleet at CROSS WHEEL, Perry Rhodan returns to Aveda, to listen to what Ras Tschubai, who came out of his coma, has to say. The teleporter is also home to the consciousness of the telepath Fellmer Lloyd inside his body and is thus a Concept. He was released - like many other former mutants from the pool of consciousness of the superintelligence ES - and sent out to look for Perry Rhodan, in order to bring him to Wanderer. It would be possible to do so with a teleportation jump, for ES has given him the power to do so, but he can only take one person. When he refuses to disclose any further information, Perry Rhodan and Mondra Diamond have finally had enough of the secrecy typical for ES. That Rhodan also no longer feels to really know his old friend is not at all a soothing thought. Rhodan refuses to accompany the sickly and weak Ras, easily warding off the teleporter, as he repeatedly tries to kidnap Rhodan. Ras finally concedes that there is still another way to reach Wanderer, and they are soon on the way with MIKRU-JON to the smoke dome, under which the island Talanis hides. Mondra may come along, since she is the "mother" of ES. Icho Tolot remains with Whistler, who he has formed a bond with and wants to support in the current situation with the Stardust system.

On Talanis dying butterflies are observed. One of them touches Rhodan, thereby gaining new strength. The companions pass through a portal in a temple that grows large enough to let through even MIKRU-JON. They land on Wanderer, and discover that winter has sent in there. Piet Rawland and Homunk greet Rhodan, and all the other mutants who have searched for Rhodan appear, touch each other and dissolve, donating their vital energy to stabilize Ras / Fellmer, who clearly becomes strengthened. Homunk refuses to answer any questions about Delorian Rhodan. Then Rhodan meets with the elderly man who is one of the avatars of ES. The super-intelligence says he is dying and needs Rhodan’s help. For reasons of confidentiality Rhodan is again faced mainly with cryptic remarks, which Rhodan complains about. ES tells Rhodan that if he told Rhodan everything, then they would all be in danger. Perry recognizes that it is just like when he kept information from everyone else before his confrontation with KOLTOROC and comes to accept that the secrecy is in fact necessary.

ES informs Rhodan that he is having trouble holding onto his whole thickness concentration at one time because the local group and Far Away are so distantly separated. The super-intelligence will in the foreseeable future need vast amounts of mental energy, in order to avoid being torn apart. When Rhodan accuses him of having planned to use Stardust humanity for this all along, ES informs him that they would not have been nearly enough. Rhodan has no choice but to agree to help ES, because no doubt is left that rival superintelligences would appropriate the thickness concentration if it became orphaned and this would not be done gently. In addition, as ES’ main helping race, Mankind would be destroyed.

Rhodan receives at least a portion of the information needed for his task, as ES sends Rhodan back in time. He finds himself suddenly in 2402 AD and on the KC-38, a tender of the CREST III, on its way in Andro-Beta. At that time ES had appeared with a prophecy in which the end of a great race is predicted, and Icho Tolot proposes the establishment of a base on the planet Gleam. Rhodan is then transported to the base on Gleam, where Maahks (possibly Shadow-Maahks) and Terrans are active, but cannot see him. He writes a message in a wall with his disintegrator and leaves behind a memory disk with information, and then he is brought back to Wanderer. There, Rhodan discovers that forty-five days have passed in his absence, and the date is now March 10, 1463 NGE. Mondra has become a nervous wreck by now and fervently welcomes him back.

In a second interview with ES Rhodan learns that the Frequency Monarchy has been around for millions of years, in a cycle like with cicadas, and always following a period of decline, when the hyperimpedance rises. They exploit all the races along the Polyport network for their purposes. It always takes time to develop the power needed for this, because they "must" start virtually from scratch every time they awake. This time, however, there has been a further delay: their PARALOX ARSENAL was stolen during their last sleep cycle. Rhodan is told that the weapon is so powerful that it could destroy a whole galaxy. It will be his job to find this weapon before the Frequency Monarchy does. ES can also use it to restore his health. The job of Stardust humanity, whose galaxy Far Away is actually named Anthuresta, is to work on ES’ behalf. Anthuresta is the source of the Polyport network. The Sextadim veil was meant to give Stardust humanity a headstart on building itself up and it was planned from the outset that the veil would dissolve at the very same moment in which Rhodan selected the NEO-OLYMP station as his destination.

It is clear that Rhodan’s next target is located in Andromeda, where the Frequency Monarchy has its Hibernation worlds, according to ES’ information. ES warns Rhodan that the still unknown enemy of the Frequency Monarchy, who stole the PARALOX ARSENAL, is not necessarily automatically a friend of Mankind. As for his son, when Rhodan asks ES where Delorian is, the super-intelligence proclaims to know no Delorian...

After ES dismisses Rhodan and retreats into a resting coma, Homunk hands Rhodan a new controller and shows him that there is a Polyport-court on Wanderer. He can use it to travel to Andromeda. Ras / Fellmer, now in full possession of his powers, will stay with Rhodan to provide reinforcement. When MIKRU-JON then goes through the Polyport network to Andromeda, the group appears in the middle of a battle between two groups of Maahks fighting for the Polyport-court there…

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