2521 - Kampf um KREUZRAD
Battle for CROSS WHEEL
Michael Marcus Thurner

On January 22, 1463 NGE MIKRU-JON reaches the solar system , in which the recently activated Polyport-court is located long before the units of the Stardust fleet because they have to avoid a hyperstorm. Lexa Stuart gives the court the name CROSS WHEEL because of its appearance. The structure has a diameter of seven kilometers. The transfer deck is located in the hub of the four six hundred meter diameter spokes emanating from it. This structure is unusual for a Polyport-court, and it seems as if the whole structure was built around the original court.

An explosion in one of the spokes is observed. All the debris is sent into space, along with living beings. They are Darturkas and spherical shaped cyborgs. Obviously the Frequency Monarchy is trying to conquer the station and the other, unknown force, is resisting. At Perry Rhodan’s command MIKRU-JON saves both groups. At that moment, leaving two ships consisting of several spherical segments hooked together like pearl necklaces leave the detection protection of the sun. Rhodan speaks with the cyborgs. The spokesperson Protector Warhl, a slightly more communicative fellow, is ready to accept Rhodan and his companions as allies after a DNA test proves them to be human. However, the Protector will not immediately tell Rhodan how he knows about humans and Perry Rhodan in particular, already. Wahrl reports that the Dartuks control the transfer deck and therefore have a constant supply of fighters. Meanwhile, the defenders have orders not to damage the Polyport-court.

Rhodan, Sean Legrange and Stuart Lexa go to CROSS WHEEL with Protector Warhl and meet Chief Protector Bellyr , a being in a humanoid, spiked armor. Bellyr says that he and his kind - the Body Keepers the Bodiless Ones - are looking for their ancestors. "The Brother," a being "more" than Bellyr’s people, gave them permission to use the Polyport network. But in return, they promised "The Brother" to support the Terrans. The foreigners were only able to reach CROSS WHEEL with their pearl sphere ships after the collapse of the Sextadim-veil; a little later, the Darturkas appeared. The Monarch forces are inexorably winning the fight. Rhodan wants to block the transfer chimneys with his controller, but he is too far away. He develops a plan to get closer and at the same time lure the Frequency Follower Tonnvar, who leads the Monarchy attack, into a trap. The Vatrox ends up being killed at the same time as Rhodan is able to block the transfer chimneys. Thus the Darturkas are cut off from new supplies, but they continue to fight fiercely. Lexa gets in deep trouble during the battle and is rescued by Legrange. As Warhl’s metal sheath is destroyed, his white, amoeba-like body with two green eyes falls out. Rhodan recognizes that the alien cyborgs are Elfahders, although they do not speak Sothalk. Rhodan saves the amoebic being from death in the firefight. The Darturkas finally retreat and begin a waiting game.

On January 24, 1463 NGE the Stardust squadron finally arrives. Rhodan gives a controller each to Legrange and Lexa. They should remain on CROSS WHEEL and secure the station, while Rhodan flies back with MIKRU-JON to Aveda. Rhodan demands that Bellyr come along with his flagship ELFA. Rhodan knows that the silence of the Elfahders may not be only due to the strange way that they think. He hopes that Bellyr will break his silence when he learns more about the humans.

A message suddenly arrives from the Stardust system. Ras Tschubai/Fellmer Lloyd has woken up and asked for Rhodan. He claims that ES is in great danger.

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