2520 - Grenzgängerin des Schleiers
Border crosser of the Veil
Hubert Haensel

Shortly after his arrival in NEO-OLYMP, Perry Rhodan deactivates the transfer chimneys of the Polyport-Court, in order to protect it against enemy access. He exchanges information with Administrator Whistler and gets himself an overview of the situation in the Stardust system, visits the still unconscious Ras Tschubai in the Medo-clinic, is led through the administration facility and also looks around the Stardust-rock needle. When he touches one of the command buttons of one of the cage transmitters there (he chooses the number 1971 - the year of his moon-landing) which belongs to the second galactic puzzle, the cages are suddenly activated – they have obviously been waiting for Perry Rhodan to show up.

Meanwhile the situation in the Far Away spherical star cluster quickly comes to a climax after the breakdown of the Sextadim veil. Sionis, a base world of the Border Crossers of the Veil, is attacked by battle lights of the Frequency Monarchy. These ships use gravitation bombs to push through the remains of the veil; apparently they have been trying this for some time now. Darturkas invade the station, steal all the data stored in the Positronics and depart again. Conail Skali, a Border Crosser of the Veil, survives the slaughter. She is a scientist, not fighter, but she must face off against an injured Darturka who was left behind by his comrades. She prevails, but hurts herself in the process. She is saved later by space soldiers of Stardust mankind.

Battle lights and Darturkas also appear on the planetoid P-17-25-1463 - more exactly said: They must already have slumbered for a long time inside of the planetoid and were now aroused. It comes to a battle, and Dr. Kom Agonis and his partner Vacucha Sabo escape with the PROSPERO. They take up a waiting position at some distance to observe further and inform the Stardust system about them. On Cataract, Amethyst City finally materializes, so that the wasp like spaceships and the ground troops which have been observed already previously there can leave the city. They attack the Prophets of the Cities and the fortune hunters who have assembled there, and immediately try to get into space. There they are intercepted by units of the Stardust fleet. Miklant, the wife of the Unither Makron, is one of those killed.

When the news about the attacks arrives, Whistler asks Rhodan for help, because Stardust mankind has gotten used to the peace and cannot react properly without experienced leadership. From his controller Rhodan gets the news that a second Polyport-Court in Far Away has activated. Rhodan wants to approach this court now with a mixed association of ships from the Stardust fleet. Meanwhile, he has deciphered a cartouche in the hall of the galactic puzzle: It shows the schematic representation of the galaxy in which Far Away is. It is a ring galaxy with an outside diameter of two hundred twenty thousand light years, which once collided with another nebula of stars. Far Away lies approximately forty-eight thousand light years below the ring.

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