252 - Die Welt der Regenerierten
The World Of The Regenerated
William Voltz


With the Terran crew under their complete hypnotic control, the Bio-Decomposers force the Khrest III to go to Ollura. Rhodan follows them there and with Kalak's help, he can gain control of the Khrest III and free his men. But tough fights ensue and all the Bio-Decomposers must be exterminated. Rhodan fears that the Masters of the Island might be alerted that the Terrans have entered their territory.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

On 17 January 2404, the Mosquito hunter reaches Ollura, the only planet of the sun Ollus, the world of the Biodecomposers. It turns out that they are the degenerate descendants of space travelers who were shipwrecked on the planet. Rhodan makes contact with Kildering, a living computer created by the cosmic engineers. Kildering helps Rhodan and his companions while delivering some important information. They meet Don Redhorse who left the KHREST III with Whip Gilliam after the landing on Ollura. Through the consumption of alcohol, they had been immunized against the hypnosis of the Biodecomposers. In the meantime Gilliam has been killed while facing the inhabitants of Ollura.

While Atlan, Pucky, Kalak and Redhorse penetrate into the KHREST III and neutralize the crew with a neuro-gas, Rhodan becomes involved in an aerial fight with the Mosquito hunter. He must abandon the hunter which explodes and destroys Boltra, the city of the Biodecomposers. Kildering is annihilated. The Biodecomposers are finally defeated and the KHREST III recovered.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-01-22

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