2519 - Die Sonnen-Justierer
The Sun Adjusters
Arndt Ellmer

On January 30, 1463 NGE the JULES VERNE travels through the Multika-Sun transmitter to the Holoin Pentagon. The barbell spaceship therefore comes "from inside" and dos not end up in the trap system of the Masters of the Island, but is instead led by a tractor ray to the adjustment planet. There Atlan is identified on account of his cell activator chip as a Maghan by the station computer HOL and receives unrestricted power of command over the whole facility. The scientists immediately get down to work, because the suns of the pentagon transmitter must be readjusted, before a connection with the Zhaklaan Trio in the small galaxy Qoor can be produced. Atlan finds out that the space time labyrinth was established originally by Paddlers for the Masters of the Island, but works unreliably.

While the adjustment work proceeds, the JULES VERNE explores the Bengar spherical star cluster. There powerful units of the Frequency Monarchy are actually on the way, and thousands of battle lights are located. The center of their activities seems to be the Hades Dark Cloud. Besides, it is found out that Gaids and Tefroders are fighting each other in several battle zones. In the Kraltmock system the JULES VERNE reunites with the NAUTILUS I and the NAUTILUS II. New knowledge is exchanged. Then on the fifteenth of February the first contingent of the Galactic fleet materializes there. The main part consists of one thousand five hundred POSBI BOXES. In addition the MOTRANS platform MYLES KANTOR, five PONTOON tenders, twenty Terran ultrabattleships, thirty Arkonide GWALON-ships (including Keon'athor Gaumarol Ta-Metzat), twelve Haluter ships and twelve large cylinders of the Mehandor arrive. Most of the ships fly on to Gleam where a base is to be established. Chemtenz is guarded by twenty-five Fragment ships, and the remainder follows the JULES VERNE to the Holoin-Sun Transmitter.

There, numerous Gaid ships appear within a short time, some of which fall into the labyrinth trap. At last, on the twenty-first of February contact is produced between Holoin and Zhaklaan. Two thousand Pobi BOXES arrive and throw themselves into the battle, but the Gaids also receive reinforcements. And on the twenty-third of February, three thousand other Gaid-ships as well as six hundred battle lights appear. The Galactics conclude that the Gaids have become an aiding race of the Frequency Monarchy.

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