2518 - Patrouille der Haluter
Haluter Patrol
Christian Montillon

Lingam Tennar is travelling to Halpat with the NAUTILUS II under the command of Lieutenant-colonel Ohliver Allegrement. That is where approximately three thousand Haluters which had fled before TRAITOR had settled. Because they live in self-chosen isolation, they know nothing about the current conditions in Andromeda. They are told to search out Sturben Rager, a Haluter who is traveling because of a pressure urge phase. When the NAUTILUS finds him, he is in the midst of a battle against cylinder ships of the Gaids, with his spherical ship. These flee when the Galactics emerge. Rager informs them that the Gaids seem to be attacking worlds at random. One is of them is the strategically unimportant Tefroder settled planet Donure. Fancan and Icho, Lingam Tennarís offspring, secretly go with Ragerís ship and fly with him to Donure. Meanwhile, Icho is having the first pressure urge of his life. Lingam, who is not pleased with the rebelliousness of his children, follows them with the NAUTILUS II.

When Rager tries to catch one of the satellites which have been brought by the Gaids into orbit of Donure, he ends up in a trap, because the satellites are only bait. Gaid ships attack. Meanwhile the Galactics of the NAUTILUS II find out that Gaid ships are stationed in the Curomia system, which they had not known about until now. They are scanning in the 6-D range. Lingam Tennar leads a raiding party onto the planet, intervening in the fighting between Tefrodian settlers and Gaid members of the occupying forces. Both sides have been struck by tiny parasites who among other things, connect with the brain of the infected. Lingam Tennar is also struck by the parasites. Actually the parasites are a component of a collective swarm intelligence which was attracted by the 6-D scanning of the Gaids. These beings evolve by the connection with intelligent beings, and in the Haluter - which is fitted out with two brains - they have found a particularly rich victim. They are raised by the contact with him onto a completely new evolutionary step.

But the parasites do not want to harm the Haluter. They instead show him their gratitude, while they teleport him himself and most of the members of his mission team, as well as the survivors of a battle group led by the Tefroder Trascho Pesbyn to security, as a warehouse occupied by the Gaids is blowing up. After the swarm has disappeared into the depths of the universe, the Galactics also withdraw. They cannot help the Tefroders, which rush immediately again into the battle. The NAUTILUS II arrives in time to save Rager, as well as both Tennarís children from the Gaids. Rager joins the Galactics. On the way to Chemtenz, where the NAUTILUS II arrives on February 2, 1463 NGE to rendezvous with Atlan.

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