2517 - Die Prototyp-Armee
The Protoype Army
Arndt Ellmer

After a short visit to Chemtenz, the vain attempt to activate the Gercksvira Pentagon and setting down the NAUTILUS II at Halpat, the JULES VERNE heads for the Multika Duo. This Sun Transmitter comes not from the Lemurers, but was built by the Solar Engineers on order of the Masters of the Island. At the beginning of the 25th century the crew of the CREST III had destroyed four Multi-duplicators on the adjustment planet there. Now a diffuse field of some type lies over the old facilities and prevents any detection. Therefore, a task force led by Atlan lands on the planet on January 25, 1463 NGE. The soldiers are very much surprised when ten old one thousand eight hundred meter ships of the Tefroders, which were mothballed in subterranean hangars suddenly launch. The ships attack the JULES VERNE, but have no chance against the superior modern ship, which is on top of that enhanced with the Meta-runner aggregates. Indeed, the barbell ship does not even have to deliver a shot, because the Tefrodian spherical ships are manned exclusively by Duplos, which are obviously faulty. Security features installed by the Master of the Island become active and release the self-destruction of the ten ships.

The landing party finds out what has been happening on the planet: The Frequency Monarchy is on site and has found other functioning Multi-duplicators in hidden halls which had not been discovered at that time by the Terrans. By order of the Vatrox Ruitort, the Okrivar scientists have duplicated various prisoners. One of them is the Tefroder Weisnech, while the others are several beings from the short, but otherwise humanoid people of the Tlunx. The Tlunx used to be warlike, however, were pacified by a Guardian of the Light and have since developed various Para-gifts. They were kidnapped from their home planet and are to serve the Frequency Monarchy for the construction of a sort of mutant corps. As it turns out, Ruitortís plans fail disastrously: The Multi-duplicators cannot be switched off any more and spit out uncontrollable Weisnech-Duplos by the thousands, which immediately begin to attack. Ruitortís Darturka soldiers are not up to facing their superior strength and they are overrun.

The mission team from the JULES VERNE intervenes in the battles, but cannot prevent that almost all the Darturkas are killed. In view of the defeat many clones also commit suicide. Ruitort flees with his battle light after destroying the greater part of the old Master of the Island base. The Multi-duplicators are also destroyed. All the Duplos die, for templates were possibly faulty as a result of the raised hyperimpedance. The Galactics succeed in saving the original Tlunxs. The thankful small fellows help Captain Semwat Lenz of the landing troops fulfill, a special mission. Lenz is the descendant of the space soldier Stanislaw Lenz, who been killed in the twenty-fifth century in the adjustment world. The family knew that Stanislaw Lenz had left something on the planet, but none of his descendants had ever succeeded in traveling to Andromeda - till present. Dork, one of the Tlunxes, helps discover a memory crystal hidden by Lenz at that time. His descendant attaches a plaque commemorating all those who died at that time at the spot the crystal was discovered.

The Multika-Sun Transmitter is activated on January thirtieth. With it, the JULES VERNE wants to go to the Holoin Pentagon, which could not be approached "from the outside". Atlan theorizes that access is not closed "from the inside". The Tlunxes are still aboard, and are to be brought back to their homeland when possible.

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