2516 - Die Tauben von Thirdal
The Doves of Thirdal
Leo Lukas

The NAUTILUS I under the command of Juwal Mowak approaches Thirdal, the planet of the Star Eavesdroppers. The “lignified ancestors” of the Charandides risen into the Nucleus have stayed behind there, and from them the Galactics hope to gain information about the current situation in Andromeda. A team lands with a Shift on the planet. Aboard is the colonial Terran Francinn Teseus-Chan. The young woman comes from the planet Chonosso, a world belonging to the Tarey Brotherhood, and has a predilection for numerology, Terran history - and, most of all, for the mousebeaver Gucky, who she has revered since earliest childhood. She has risked everything to be able to go with him to the mission. Gucky accepts this calmly and leads his team on January 22, 1463 NGE into the jungles of Thirdal, in which nothing more is to be seen of the peace and order which had ruled there approximately one hundred fifty years ago. Instead, nature is in disorder; eat and be eaten is the motto there. The Galactics are also attacked and must defend themselves against a strange butterfly swarm which seems to somehow turn around the laws of causality and soaks up energy from the protection screens. Gucky’s telekinesis and Francinn’s katana protect the team.

Meanwhile the NAUTILUS I is ordered by an unexpectedly emerging ship of the Gaids to vacate the system. It is supposedly a restricted area. Naturally the Galactics ignore the demand. The Gaids, who refuse to negotiate, attack the superior NAUTILUS I, which is forced to cripple the ship. The Gaid cylinder makes an emergency landing on Thirdal, which does not end in a catastrophe only due to the application of the tractor emitters of the NAUTILUS I. The Gaids immediately use Antigrav platforms to go on the search for Gucky’s team. The mousebeaver catches himself the hostile commander and interrogates him, however, only learns that the Gaid is considered dispensable because he was replaced at the moment of his kidnapping by another person who has the same name as him. He has no idea of why Thirdal is considered a restricted area.

Meanwhile Francinn has persuaded her colleague, the Kamashite Perme Umbrar, to take the herb called Third. This plant was used by the Charandides as a drug and stands in close connection with their ability of the "listening". Under the influence of the drug Umbrar actually gets contact with the last star eavesdroppers, but they press him so stormily on the mental plane that he is almost killed. Gucky must intervene. He also takes some of the psi-active drug. Because he} is para-gifted and carries a cell activator, he deals with it better. He convinces the star eavesdroppers to release Umbrar. He finds out that the star eavesdroppers have lost the greatest part of their abilities and not contain the nature of Thirdal any more. They were torn one last time from their resignation and lethargy by the contact with Umbrar and Gucky. They point out to the mousebeaver what they could last still perceive of Andromeda. So Gucky gets to learn of the existence of a net which pulls through the galaxy like a melody and contains twenty » bright tones «. There is a kind of knot in this net that Gucky perceives in the form of a dark-fiery sky wheel vibrating on all frequencies.

The star eavesdroppers wish to reach this object. Gucky makes it possible for them, as he places a part of his mental substance at their disposal. He is also ready to leave behind his body and follow them there, but it does not come to that. Gucky’s companions knock him unconscious and flee with the Shift to the NAUTILUS I, which leaves the system immediately, because the Gaids had called in reinforcements. During the flight to Chemtenz Gucky rages through the ship for a day in his drug intoxication and does all kinds of nonsense – and the next day he has an enormous hangover.

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