2515 - Operation Hathorjan
Operation Hathorjan
Rainer Castor

Atlan is now the Special Representative of the Galacticum for Solar Transmitters. His mission is to locate as many Lemurian sun transmitters as possible for the New Galacticum and reactivate them, as the plans to build a galaxy-wide network of transmitters will continue after the departure of TRAITOR. In recent decades, Atlan, who is on the way with his Solonium Hypertact cruiser ATLANTIS, has for example discovered a previously unknown transmitter in the middle of a hyperstorm zone, the Vengil Trio. His crew consists of members of many Galactic nations, including Lingam Tennar and his undisciplined children Icho and Fancan.

Atlan is called to Aurora by Reginald Bull and Imperator Bostich to be informed that he is receiving command of Operation Hathorjan. Its goal is to advance into Andromeda, because there must be a base (if not the center of power) of the Frequency Monarchy there. With the JULES VERNE Atlan is to go to the companion galaxy and activate a sun transmitter there to make a connection to the Milky Way Ė it has not succeeded so far from the Milky Way side. Then a Galactic fleet will follow, as the meeting place is set for Chemtenz. Plan B provides that the fleet will move to Andromeda by way of the ZUET-80. The platform was not destroyed by TRAITOR, and could be put back in operation, so it is to accompany the JULES VERNE to Andromeda.

The JULES VERNE starts with a largely new crew under the command of Colonel Tristan Kasom ( Gucky also takes part in the expedition) on January 19, 1463 NGE , followed by the ZEUT-80. The ATLANTIS is on board. The barbell ship is transmitted by the Kharag-Sun Dodecahedron in Omega Centauri to the Zhaklaan Triangle in galaxy Qoor, offshore of the Andromeda galaxy. From the central computer ZHAKLAAN Atlan learns the position of a sun transmitter within Andromeda, whose name he has heard before. It is the Holoin Pentagon, and it is considered a restricted area. The ZHAKLAAN transmitter can not raise this because it shows non-Lemurian changes.

While ZEUT-80 remains on station, the JULES VERNE flies to the 575,651 light-years distant Holoin-Pentagon which they arrive near on January twentieth. HOL, the central computer of the planetary alignment planet, does not recognize Atlanís command authorization. Only a person in the rank of Maghan (in other words, a Master of the Island ) is entitled to use the sun transmitter. When the JULES VERNE nevertheless approaches the planet, it activates a defense arrangement of the MdI and turns the whole area into a kind of space-time labyrinth from which the JULES VERNE can only escape with the help of Meta-runnerís White Room.

Now is the search for information comes into the foreground. The Tennars leave with the NAUTILUS II to search for the Haluters that had escaped from TRAITOR and gone to Andromeda. The JULES VERNE brings the NAUTILUS I to Thirdal , because the Star Listeners (the "woody" ancestors of the Charandides) might know something about the current situation in Andromeda.

That something is wrong in Andromeda, is clear when the JULES VERNE come upon a space battle on the way to Thirdal between Tefroders and Gaids. The barbell ship destroys the Gaids when attacked, but the Tefroders also flee. After the barbell has left the NAUTILUS I, it flies on towards Chemtenz...

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