2514 - Ein Fall für das Galaktikum
A Matter for the Galacticum
Arndt Ellmer

Sinnafoch falls in the battle around ITHAFOR. His Vamu returns to a hibernation world of the Frequency Monarchy and animates a new clone body there - just as it has already happened many times before. The artificial being Referror-8211 takes care of the reborn Frequency Apostle who must win back all his memories and abilities in a process lasting several days, before VATROX-CUUR, one of the two rulers of the Frequency Monarchy, informs him that he is to take his old position back up and sends him back to ITHAFOR to transform the suffered defeat into a victory. While Sinnafoch remembers his own past bit by bit and finally remembers Reginald Bull's face, he is challenged, irritated and attacked over and over again by Referror-8211. The memory inducing process should be thereby accelerated, however, it also leads to the end of the artificial being; in the end Sinnafoch kills it.

Meanwhile Reginald Bull receives a message from Bostich intended for Perry Rhodan. The Arkonide Imperator appears in the message as the chairperson of the Galacticum and asks the Resident to report all the information he has from the attacks of the Frequency Monarchy, because this danger threatens the whole Milky Way. Bull travels with the JULES VERNE to Aurora, the new seat of the Galacticum. This planet lies halfway between Terra and Arkon and is a stopover on a transit road involving Situation transmitters, which was put into operation in 1366 NGE and connects the two mightiest states of the Milky Way with each other. On the January 16, 1463 NGE the JULES VERNE reaches Galacto City, the only city on Aurora. After a long day full of conferences Bull receives an unexpected visit from some Báalols in his rooms. They would like to erase the not very flattering reputation, which presses upon their race, and ask Bull to help in its rehabilitation. He believes that their anti-mutant forces can be well used against the Vatrox and their ability of Para-sidling, and assures them of the support of the LFT.

The next day Bull speaks in confidence with Bostich, then on the 18th of January the actual conference begins. Bull gives the Galactic Councilors all the information that he has on the subject of the Frequency Monarchy and requests military support by the Galactic fleet. He makes clear that the next attack is approaching immediately and that this time not only twenty-four hostile ships will come. Apparently Bostich has done a good job of preparatory works after his one-to-one conversation with Bull, because all the councilors agree.

On the 30th of January the expected attack occurs. Sinnafoch leads a fleet of 2400 units, comprised of various class sizes, against ITHAFOR. His flagship is the DQ-battle tower CRESSOR consisting of several coupled together battle lights. Sinnafoch is confused when the Terran ships withdraw without a fight. However, then three MOTRANS-Transmitters begin operation, and a neverending stream of huge cube ships are spit out - these are fragment ships of the Posbis which belong to the Galactic fleet. In the end there are fifty thousand fragment ships, as well as several squadrons of Terran spherical ships and Arkonide GWALON battleships. The battle lights encircle and destroy hundreds of them, but numerous units of the battle lights are stopped and boarded. In the end the same occurs to the CRESSOR, with which Sinnafoch wanted to ram into the Distributor depot in a last desperate suicide action. The Terrans capture the Frequency Apostle for the second time and CRESSOR explodes at a safe distance from the ITHAFOR.

Bull has to convince himself of the fact that he really has the believed dead Sinnafoch in his hands again, because the corpse of the Vatrox is still in a cold storage room. Because the Frequency Monarchy has a base in Andromeda where the Masters of the Island ruled long ago, Bully holds the suspicion that the enemy could possibly be in the possession of Multiduplicators…

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