2513 - Der verborgene Hof
The Hidden Court
Christian Montillon

Ronald Tekener proceeds with the light cruiser PETRALONA, a sloop from the TRAJAN, to the planet Mawego. The world belongs to the sphere of influence of the Drons, but Hasproners are also on the planet. There has already been tension between the two races for some time. The Drons are annoyed because the Hasproners are transforming parts of the planet filled with natural areas that they have leased into marsh landscapes like those which exist on their own home world. In recent days the conflicts have increased up to almost war, which has not actually occurred yet only because both races belong to the Galacticum and are obliged to stay peaceful. They cannot afford to offend against this rule and be expelled from the galactic community of nations. However, only a spark is necessary to light the barrel of gunpowder – and battle ships of both races are already standing in the system.

After his experiences on Adeksion, Tekener believes in knowing what the true reason for this cold war is. He is initially refused a landing on Mawego in spite of his authorization given by the Galacticum. Therefore, a group of micro-Beasts, led by Senego Trainz, lands undercover on Mawego and can soon confirm the assumptions of the Smiler: the Hasproners have discovered an inactive Polyport Court in an area which belongs to them due to a long term lease signed with the Drons. The Drons though, refer to older rights. Now armed combat units are confronting each other, armed to the teeth. The micro-Beasts penetrate unnoticed into the underground structure and return with photographs. Meanwhile Tekener tries to mediate between the arguing races. Two Mor'Daers that he saved of Zorbar II offer their support to him in this endeavor.

Eventually the PETRALONA lands on Mawego and is promptly locked up with chain fields. Tekener brings out heavier artillery "to facilitate" the readiness for negotiations of the Dron: the ultra-battleship TRAJAN lowers from orbit, down to the landing field. At last, it comes to a talk between Tekener and the responsible leaders of the Drons and the Hasproners. Unfortunately an old Dron war veteran is also present who wants to sue the Hasproner for "trespassing" on his land, which was being Haspro-formed. When he sees the two supposed Traitoristas, he shoots one f them. The other one gives the people present a speech on tolerance for others and demands an end of the conflict. Because Tekener does not suppose that bare words can bring peace, he reveals the micro-Beasts’ pictures to the Hasproner and Dron. Because a Polyport Court represents a possible security risk for all the people of the Milky Way, he declares Mawego to be under the direct supervision of the Galacticum.

When the Dron announces the desire to appeal against this decision, Tekener reaches still deeper into his box of tricks. As an interim solution until to settlement of the suit, he says he will have Haluters do gurad duty on Mawego - namely thousands of the young Haluters that have been born during the last hundred years because only half of the Halutian population had returned after the departure of TRAITOR to Halut. To the Dron and Haspronern the thought of being stuck with excitable Haluter yougsters does not bring any comfort. In the end, they renounce the attempt to appeal. Therefore the New USO can begin the investigation of the hidden court. Tekener does not betray to the Dron and Hasproner the fact that he is in the possession of a Polyport controller,.

Meanwhile during these days it once again comes in Terrania to the phenomenon which is called a gold shower of sparks. Betty Toufry and Kitai Ishibashi both materialize, clearly tormented by pains, and they ask for Perry Rhodan, before they disappear again. Some time later an enormous fog dome appears in the Atlantic for a short time...

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