2512 - Die TRAITOR-Marodeure
The TRAITOR Marauders
Christian Montillon

In 1347 NGE the Terminal Column has withdrawn from the galaxies of the local group. The whole Terminal Column? No! Individual ships, station crews and such were left behind for various reasons: some have deserted, while others were simply forgotten. Most of those left behind have united and use two planets in the Milky Way whose coordinates are known to nobody outside of them, as bases for plundering raids. Because these TRAITOR Marauders limit themselves to hunting grounds off the big trade routes, up to now still none of the powerful galactic governments have gone forward militarily against them. Others Traitoristas left behind in the Milky Way have nothing to do with the Marauders; they just want to live in peace and were partly integrated into the populations of various planets. However, there is a group of Galactics which pitilessly pursues all former members of the Terminal Convoy: The TRAITOR Hunters. Because they disturb the galactic peace with their attacks, the USO is busy with the problem. The secret service has acted since January 1, 1350 NGE by order of the Galacticum and is accountable to only itself. Nobody knows who the TRAITOR Hunters are. Some suppose that they could be Akones, which want to take revenge for the cabinetization of Drorah.

In the middle of January 1463 NGE, Ronald Tekener, the new deputy of the USO Lord Admiral Monkey, undertakes the attempt to protect Mor'Daers and Ganschkares living peacefully on the planet Zorbar II belonging to the Dron empire from the TRAITOR Hunters and to simultaneously capture some of the Hunters to find out more about their bases. The indication to an approaching action by the TRAITOR Hunters on Zorbar II was received from the USO agent Noah Kelch, who has, however, now disappeared. Tekener leads a group of micro-Beasts to the planet, but the mission ends in disappointment. The TRAITOR Hunters manner to escape, it comes to disastrous losses in a Dron settlement due to a glider crash, and only a few hostages can be saved.

Tekener then proceeds to the planet Adeksion. In the mask of the rich man Saerdan Cerked he uses his gambling skills to steer the attention of the defector from the ranks of the TRAITOR Marauders onto himself, with whom agent Kelch was supposed to have had contact. The USO hopes to find out the position of the secret planets of the TRAITOR Marauders from the defector.

On January seventeenth Tekener meets a being who portrays itself first as a Terran female by the name of Catalina, but then it reveals its true identity. It is a Koda Aratier - a form converter of the Terminal Column and according to its own statement the last of its kind in the Milky Way. The being is ready to reveal the hiding places of the TRAITOR Marauders and arrange the release of Kelch, if the USO agrees to promote an integration, given the blessing by the Galacticum, of all former members of the Terminal Column in the community of nations of the Milky Way and to aim for a general amnesty. The desire is probably held by the majority of all the former Traitoristas, because one hundred sixteen years after the departure of the Terminal Column, the second and third generation of those born later is already living in the Milky Way. Only a few of them still hope for the return of TRAITOR. “ Catalina “ has still another offer too. The Koda Aratier is in the possession of a device which clearly belongs to the technological legacies of the Cosmocrats or at least the Mighty.

Tekener is not disinclined to this, but suddenly TRAITOR Marauders who have pursued the traitor appear. They shoot the form convertor and capture Tekener to extort ransom from the USO. However, the Smiler succeeds in activating his secret equipment, so that Senego Trainz can target his location and free him with a group of micro-Beasts. Nobody can be captured, because the TRAITOR Marauders commit suicide, rather than fall into the hands of the USO. The mission is nevertheless successful, because agent Kelch is found alive, and the artifact offered by "Catalina" is also retrieved. QuinTech Arinu Quhim examines the piece of booty. However, Lord Admiral Monkey has already learned from Reginald Bull what this small device is: It is a Class-A controller with which one can steer Polyport-courts. The TRAITOR Marauders carried off the Dron’s controller. They have been carrying out a war against the Hasproners. This allows the conclusion that this conflict could be over another Polyport-court.

Strange things have also been occurring on Terra. Homer G. Adams is just about to start contract negotiations with the Whistler-Company in Residence Park when a kind of gold shower of sparks appears which loses its color and coalesces into a material object. Certainly, the object disappears quickly again, but Adams believes to have recognized the face of Betty Toufry in it...

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