2511 - Schatten im Paradies
Shadows in Paradise
Hubert Haensel

Timber F. Whistler’s robot body is further modified and improved. Whistler does not appear to grow old and has returned to the political stage, after Belyona Anshin has left it. Meanwhile, he does not believe any more that Duncan Legrange caused the fatal glider crash. He theorizes instead, that ES could have had something to do with it. In 1462 NGE Whistler is again Administrator of the Stardust system and has cared for the fact that the investigation of NEO-OLYMP, that had been stopped in 1416 NGE by the Administrator of that time, Telmach Istban, for reasons of safety (not least on the pursuit of the Party for Interstellar Respect under the direction of Kraton Furtok’s daughter Helen), is farther sped up. However, the station which is in the meantime in orbit around the planet Krian could never be activated - as little as the second galactic puzzle could be solved during all these years. Nevertheless, the radio communication systems of NEO-OLYMP are in operation, and so the people have found out that the thing is a Polyport-court and what function it fulfills. They even made contact with the Halftrack-Changeures. Certainly, Stardust mankind has monitored the Polyport-radio, but has always paid attention to reveal nothing of itself.

On December 30, 1462 NGE Whistler and Secretary of Defense Sean Legrange learn from Stuart Lexa (meanwhile, Vice Admiral, commander of the Stardust-space fleet and commander of NEO-OLYMP) that emergency calls from the Polyport-net were caught. Evidently the Polyport-net is being attacked by a power which is called the Frequency Monarchy. Because NEO-OLYMP could also be in danger, Lexa had given the internal alarm. Whistler arranges the protection of the transportation court by a one hundred and fifty units strong mixed association of four POSEIDON Omni-carrier ships and cruisers of various size classes, led by the flagship STARDUST. Sspace soldiers and STARA-UH-III battle robots are stationed on the transportation court. At the same moment the work being done on the court are sped up.

On January 3, 1463 NGE, two Unither which belong to the prophets of the cities, Makron and his mate Miklant, observe how Amethyst City begins to materialize for the first time. Between the pilings of the city move spaceships which remind them of enormous wasps, while on the ground solid forms in battle suits with long tails and wedge-shaped heads with beaks are seen. The ships and ground troops seem to be trying to penetrate the fog bank that wraps up the city, but they do not succeed - then the materialization process breaks off, and Amethyst City becomes immaterial again. The Unithers inform Whistler on the sixth of January about this incident. There are even recordings of it, but they show only shadowy forms. Guard ships are nevertheless positioned above Cataract, and troops take up position around the immaterial cities. Whistler assumes a connection between these cities and the Polyport-net. That same day, on Whistler’s order, Lexa sends a radio call into the Polyport-net to warn the Halftrack-Changeures.

On January thirteenth, Marthin Trebb, one of the soldiers assigned to NEO-OLYMP, catches Reginald Bull’s Morse code message to Perry Rhodan. It is therefore now certain for Stardust mankind for the first time that the journey to the distant places of ES did not involve a journey through time or a transfer into another universe. They can also hope that the Sol system has survived the attack by TRAITOR. Four days later on Aveda, Zyx, Cataract and Trondgarden there appear two thousand six hundred and fifty kilometer wide and one hundred kilometer tall fog domes. At the same time the Siganese Vorremar Corma, who is once again in the hall of the galactic puzzle announces that one of the "cartouches" has changed and is shining. The Siganese has also received a mental message. It says that: “ The gates of the four heavens were opened! “

During this day, January 17, 1463 NGE, events quickly pile up. Still while the discussion of the situation in which Corma had interrupted with his message, Ras Tschubai materializes in the same manner as Fellmer Lloyd had fifty-two years previously - from a " brown shower of sparks “, but Tschubai manages to stabilize himself and not vanish again. However, he says that he is in fact Fellmer Lloyd. He announces the arrival of something unknown and asks for Perry Rhodan. They bring the suffering man to a Medo-station for treatment. About at the same time the facilities of NEO-OLYMP begin activating themselves and on the planet Cataract the Rokingers sense that they have been discovered. They capture all the Stardust humans that currently stop in the trading post Velai'n Thuinn. Sharud Thurbund requires to speak to Whistler, and informs him about the concerns of his people. Conail Skali, a Border Crosser of the Veil, observes from the planet Sionis from how the Sextadim veil breaks down. Kom Agonis, an Epsaler and Prospector of the Island, has taken possession to the planetoid P-17-25-1463 in order to exploit rich titanium deposits there. A strange phase displacement that they discover fades away and something appears that releases sheer horror in Agonis and his team.

At 14:22 o'clock during this eventful day Whistler, Legrange and Lexa are on the transfer deck of NEO-OLYMP when three things appear in one of the transfer chimneys which fit together into an obelisk. Two beings emerge from this object. They are Icho Tolot and Perry Rhodan...

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