2510 - Die Whistler-Legende
The Whistler Legend
Hubert Haensel

In the Stardust system, the third generation of settlers has grown up. These people know the Milky Way and the Sol system only out of historical documents and stories; they regard Aveda, Cataract, Zyx and the other worlds of the system as their actual homeland. There are no enemies or other space traveling peoples in the Far Away star cluster that could become rivals in the exploitation of the amply available raw materials there. Certainly, ships are lost now and again in hyperstorms (Sigurd Echnatom is lost in one of these in 1408 NGE), but such setbacks can no longer weaken the union of the Stardust planets. The economy of Stardust humanity flourishes, and neighboring systems are explored with spaceships of newly developed classes. And hundreds of people are being rejuvenated by the emerging golden rains of sparks.

Yet one man cannot be quite so happy about this positive development, as he is tormented by his own worries: Timber F. Whistler’s cyborg body seems to be fighting against itself. Again and again the organic components die out for unknown reasons and must be replaced by cloned tissue. And once that is no longer possible, they are finally removed and replaced by robotic components. Whistler suffers from the thought of gradually turning completely into a robot. In order to explain his youthful appearance, he maintains that a golden rain of sparks had also touched him. Whistler longs for children – but he was already impotent before his accident, and Belyona Anshin, the doctor who becomes his constant companion, does not want to hear anything of artificial fertilization. This eventually leads to the two gradually growing apart. Timber’s conscience is still burdened by the memory of Duncan Lagrange. He still asks himself whether he had wrongly accused his former friend at that time of intentionally causing the accident.

Therefore he immediately hurries with the NEW GOOD HOPE to the planet Ares when he receives a radio message from there on February 19, 1405 NGE, whose sender uses a code term, that was previously only known to Whistler and Lagrange. In the message Sean Legrange, Duncan’s son, asks Whistler for aid. Whistler later learns that for the first years after their fallout, Duncan had immersed himself in self-pity and ended up getting a prostitute pregnant. The result was Sean - Duncan and his nameless mother died in a tunnel collapse on Ares. At that time Sean was just old enough to join the fortune hunters there, who prospected on Ares for valuable raw materials. Whistler tracks down the young man, exhausted and totally emaciated. He takes Sean with him to Aveda in order to raise him and work out his guilt over Duncan with it. Later Whistler even adopts the youngster.

March 16, 1408 NGE, Whistler wants to visit his ward, who has entered the space fleet, on the training ship NIKE QUINTO. Unfortunately, his body has another massive rejection episode and Whistler falls into a coma. On the next day the NIKE QUINTO begins a training flight. Sean Lagrange, Stuart Lexa (son of Maximilian Lexa) and Kraton Furtok (son of Rikoph Furtok) are comrades and friends. Rikoph is also on board and suddenly kidnaps the ship. He needs it in order to be able to get onto the planet First Found. This was planet, on which he had a nearly fatal encounter in 1388 NGE with a mysterious artifact in the form of a four meter large snow crystal, and lay after that in a coma for three years. First Found is a prohibited planet, and Furtok can only land there with the security codes of the NIKE QUINTO. Furtok is convinced, that he had had contact with a suffering being at that time, that he needed to free. When he now touches the object, it “sweats” tiny amounts of deflagrating Psi-matter, and suddenly explodes, transferring him and his companions (the three youthful friends) into another environment. They are suddenly in a fully mechanized mechanical plant and stand facing an immaterial being, who radiates a lust for life and terrible loneliness. The emaciated, black-skinned being with some kind of hair plait seems to want to fuse with Furtok, but the human uses his own beamer against himself. When he fires, the people suddenly appear back at their starting point. Furtok is dead, but shows no injuries.

On September 15, 1409 NGE, Whistler awakes from his coma. All that is left of his original body is his brain. The robot chassis is covered with newly cultivated organic tissue and therefore looks similar, as always, to an entirely normal person. Belyona, who now finally decides to leave Whistler, found out that the receptors that were planted in Whistler in 1347 NGE by the Indochimi, were to blame for the rejection reactions. A few months later, on January 5, 1410 NGE, the three friends Sean, Stuart and Kraton are underway to the Zeus moon Krian, in order to pass their practical flight test. In a crater, they discover a four kilometer wide object, two hundred meters thick, shaped like an eight pointed star that lies under the ice and is protected against orientation by a remarkable veiling effect. The three expose the object with a disintegrator, find an open standing hatch and enter a kind of station made out of an amber colored material with blue silver aggregates made out of form energy. Indications of battles or some other form of destruction are to be seen, but all traces of the crew – dead or alive – are missing. When the curious Kraton activates an unknown object, it turns out that bombs were left in the station that had not yet exploded. The bomb activated by Kraton is ejected in time and causes no damage, in spite of its terrible explosive power.

The three young cadets certainly a dressing down for their independent actions, but also praise for the find. Their training leader explains to them months later that the object found by them has exposed only a small part of its secrets. They found out that it is a material transmitter, and that it must be component of the Second Galactic Riddle, for it turned out on the day the veil vanished, after fading for months, the circle around the border of a symbol in the Hall of the Thousands Tasks also disappeared - and this symbol had the form of an octagonal star. The artifact is now going to be lifted and brought into orbit around Krian. It also received a name: NEO-OLYMP.

On June 30, 1411 NGE, a celebration is supposed to take place in the Whistler villa in Stardust City in honor of Sean; Whistler’s adopted son was promoted to lieutenant and received his first spaceship command. Suddenly something appears in the room that the people first believe to be another rain of golden sparks, but this apparition is different. The "sparks" are brown and lump together until the perfect embodiment of a person emerges. This man seems to suffer terrible torments and in a call for help shouts out the words “we are dying again”. The apparition disappears completely again, but had been filmed. The analysis of the recordings confirm Whistler’s belief in having recognized that the man: It was one of Perr Rhodan’s old Mutant Corps, Fellmer Lloyd…

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