251 - Die Armee der Biospalter
The Army Of The Biodecomposers
William Voltz


01 2404. Three space ships approach the Terran fleet. They come from Ollura, a nearby planet. These ships are very primitive, they fly below the speed of light and it took them several years to reach this point. They are piloted by dwarves, the Bio-Decomposers. Their technological level being very low, Rhodan lets them come aboard, making a dramatic mistake : using hypnotic powers, they capture the Khrest III and only Rhodan and a few others manage to escape from them.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

Eleven days after the landing of the KHREST III on KA-Inexpensive, three pyramidal vessels land on the platform. They shelter one thousand five hundred gnomes with twisted backs and other body parts. Perry Rhodan considers them innocuous and lets them come aboard the KHREST. They are named Biodecomposers because of their regeneration abilities. At the time of their resurrection the Biodecomposerís deaths turn their bodies into a cellular mass from which is born a new creature having the same body form and the same memory as their predecessor (basically making them immortal). The crew of the KHREST III is affected by the gas emitted at the time of regeneration. Influenced hypnotically by the gnomes, the Terrans are forced to take off with the KHREST III. Bitzo, the chief of the Biodecomposers, orders them to travel to the Biodecomposerís world of origin, Ollura. During the flight Major Don Redhorse understands, based on the example of the intoxicated Sergeant Brazos Surfat, that alcohol can protect them from the influence of the Biodecomposers.

Perry Rhodan, Atlan and Pucky remain on the platform shop of Kalak. Kalak asks them to protect Kildering, the sacred object of the Paddlers, against the Biodecoposers. With the cosmic engineer they follow the KHREST III aboard the Mosquito hunter CM-C-23.

Michael P. Mahoney

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