2507 - In der Halbspur-Domäne
In the Halftrack-Domain
Arndt Ellmer

With the spaceship MIKRU-JON disassembled into its three components Perry Rhodan, Mondra Diamond, Icho Tolot and Ramoz travel along the Halftrack to the Polyport-court OROLOGION in the galaxy Diktyonin which they arrive at on January 15, 1463 NGE. The Court is not in the hands of the Frequency Monarchy, but most of Diktyon’s courts have already been conquered. OROLOGION is teeming with refugees. Pscholian Lox, the "caretaker" of BLUE RIMBOR (or another being from the same people), is on the transfer deck, but runs into the not generally accessible areas of the court. Rhodan also observed a group of hulking black creatures in pressure suits, which he found strangely familiar.

Galhamo Ciono, chief of the security forces from the people of the Acronis receives the Galactics. On OROLOGION an attack by the Monarchy is expected at any time, and new refugees actually arrive that announce the court GWARONAX had fallen. Since no one on the ground has a controller, OROLOGION cannot be sealed off. Rhodan says he will help, but does not reveal that the Galactics have three controllers – which they can still not operate properly, however. Icho Tolot holds the fort in MIKRU-JON and goes through the information collected on Diktyon to put Rhodan and Mondra on the track of the beings in the pressure suits. Ramoz will not leave the side of his mistress.

After some difficulties Rhodan and Mondra contact the unknown beings. Rhodan is somewhat surprised that they are Maahks – and even more: He later learns that these creatures are developing into Shadow Maahks. The methane breathers are strangely reticent with Rhodan, what arouses his suspicion. He is mollified when he realizes that the Maahks have recognized him. The Maahks can feel emotions, unlike normal Maahks, and this is the reason for their restraint. Gradually Maahks open up with information. Having fled from their home Andromeda because they were persecuted by fundamentalists there, they were accepted in the Halftrack-Domain. Perry reveals their controllers and Grek-1, the leader of Maahks, shows the Galactics how to use them. Meanwhile Tolot has one received Reginald Bull’s Morse code message on the Polyport radio. Contact with their homeland can be established, and information is exchanged. Rhodan gives his consent for a counterattack. Rhodan accepts the risk that the Frequency Monarchy will catch his response and track down the OROLOGION.

Mikru is suddenly more communicative than usual, and tells of the discovery of the first Polyport-courts. The ship is in the truest sense of the word ensouled, as the former pilots of the ship could mentally merge with it and thereby better navigate - and an "echo" or "impression" of them remained in MIKRU- JON. Thus JON MIKRU is more than just a machine. The ship was afraid of being left behind again as it was when the Halftrack-Changeures gave up space travel. Rhodan promises that it will not come to that again. The Maahks look to the Galactics and ask them for help. To protect the last free courts from the grasp of the Frequency Monarchy controllers are urgently needed with which the transfer chimneys can be blocked. The Maahks know that a cache of controllers are secured in the Distributor-Depot ARTHA, but the space station is already occupied by the forces of Frequency Apostle Ghoranfogh. The Shadow Maahks can indeed teleport, which would allow them to infiltrate ARTHA, but it consumes much energy. They want Rhodan to accompany them, so they can pull the required energy from his cell activator chip. Rhodan agrees. The coup succeeds, not least because the Darturka in ARTHA are distracted by a Bokazuu, who has a controller. He blows himself up rather than trust Rhodan, who tracks him down. With seventy-six retrieved controllers, Rhodan and the Maahks return to OROLOGION. Rhodan blocks the transfer chimney leading to ARTHA. The controllers are divided: the Maahks receive half to try to help organize resistance to the Frequency Monarchy, while Rhodan takes the other half to bring them to the Milky Way. Since ITHAFOR is still not accessible, another target must be sought. The choice falls on ARTHANOK, a yard uncoupled from ARTHA, which makes intergalactic transport possible as a component of a Distributor depot. This is just a short stop, though. The Galactics want to travel to NEO-OLYMP - for unknown reasons, this court is now suddenly accessible. On January 17th, the Galactics head out...

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