2506 - Solo für Mondra
Solo Mission for Mondra Diamond
Diamond Michael Marcus Thurner

While Perry Rhodan, Icho Tolot and Ramoz penetrate into the prison tracts of the market city established on PERISTRA looking for Mondra Diamond, where they are now facing the heavily armed mercenaries of the market leader Ulocco Lo'tus, the former TLS-agent, albeit with great effort, has already liberated herself and fled through a ventilation shaft. She has taken a Toyken’s multi-function device with her and ends up locating her SERUN, which she recovers - just in time, because during her escape she has sustained various injuries. The SERUN now puts her into a short healing sleep, and after this she manages to get inside the Polyport-court. You need to insert the controller in a designated recess in the floor, in order to open the hatch. The court recognizes her as authorized to use it and opens the central dome to retrieve MIKRU-JON. On board the ship Mondra freshens up and recovers. She makes the acquaintance of Mikru, a holographic incarnation of the vessel in the shape of a young woman. Mondra learns that the ship is concerned about being left behind, as the Galactics will use PERISTERA to go to another court. Mikru states that the ship was designed so that it could use the transfer chimneys. To do this the ship can divide itself into three parts. Mondra promises MIKRU-JON that it can join the trip.

Meanwhile, Perry Rhodan has been negotiating with Ulocco Lo'tus. Icho Tolot, who the market leader takes to be a dumb bodyguard, keeps observing the whole thing carefully. Rhodan claims he was commissioned by the Halftrack-Changeures to inspect PERISTERA. As the power of the market leader is based in part on a lie (he had claimed to have found special weapons on PERISTERA, but has never really been inside the court), he would like to make it true, so he behaves peacefully at first, and agrees to help look for Mondra. Ramoz uses his nose to track Mondra’s route and finds the access hatch that Mondra used. This opens and Mondra rises out to hug Rhodan. Ulocco Lo'tus gets tired of his charade and orders his henchman to paralyze them with a shock grenade hidden inside him - but he has not suspected that such a weapon could not impress Icho Tolot’s constitution. The Haluter grabs the Toyken and imprisons him.

Now, the Galactics deal with PERISTERA. Unfortunately, the controllers are programmed to only allow transport to certain stations, which do not include ITHAFOR. For an intergalactic transport a distributor-depot is required, so a trip to GALILEO or NEO-OLYMP is also ruled out. Rhodan opts for a different goal: the Polyport-court OROLOGION in the neighboring galaxy Diktyon. Before leaving PERISTERA, the Galactics warn the station manager about the Frequency Monarchy, which will soon attack - the activity on PERISTERA will not stay hidden from them. Mondra also forces him to release the last surviving Wagoko. Ulocco has no intention of clearing out the market town. After all, he now has at last to the interior of the station. He realizes his mistake when he hears of a battle going on inside the station soon after the Galactics leave.

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