2505 - Der Polyport-Markt
The Polyport Market
Michael Marcus Thurner

The Polyport-court PERISTERA is a space station with the same basic structure as GALILEO, but its form almost disappears underneath countless additions and superstructures. A multi-racial conglomerate has occupied the court, circling a dual star, long ago and been using it as a trading post. Indeed PERISTERA is the only free trade zone in Kyon Megas and serves the many stranded races that fled the war raging in Diktyon, as a last resort. Countless ships swarm around the station, but MIKRU- JON finds no signs of activities of the Frequency Monarchy. The court itself seems to be inactive. Perry Rhodan must bargain a deal to get the ship a landing permit. Should the negotiated sum not be paid within two days, he will lose possession of the MIKRU-JON. The landing pad given to the MIKRU-JON is located right in the center of the dome, under which the transfer chimneys would be located. The ship shows a remarkable interest in PERISTERA, but is once again stingy with further information.

Perry Rhodan and Mondra Diamond look around a little. Toykens seem to hold power in the free trade zone. These beings, reminding one of upright walking boars are the security personnel, coming from the same people as the market leader Ulocco Lo'tus, who pursues the MIKRU-JON’S arrival with interest. A special benign tumor in his brain enables him to think without emotion and increase his mental capacity enormously. He finds out that ships like the MIKRU-JON belong to the Halftrack-Changeures, and that the current crew of the ship does not come from this people. He decides to acquire the ship. Rhodan and Mondra have no idea of this when they try to head to the market to draw the attention of the market leader, in order to learn about the Polyport-court from him. Their attempts to activate the court with the A-controllers, are unsuccessful, and they decide they must find a way to penetrate into the interior of the space station.

While Rhodan and Icho Tolot continue the experiments with the controllers, Mondra goes exploring. She decides to try to raise the necessary money for the docking fee and soon finds employers: She is hired as a defender of the Wagokos. These harmless creatures have been trying for some time to barter their goods in the market, but always end up being intercepted by guards. They keep “confiscating” enough of the goods that the Wagokos can barely make enough profits to continue bartering. With her superior equipment and combat experience Mondra can safely help them transport their goods and ward off the guards. As the guards complain to Ulocco Lo'tus, he sees his chance in it. He allows the guards to use otherwise prohibited weapons. They set a trap for the second transport and during it some Wagokos are killed and Mondra is captured. Rhodan, Tolot and Ramoz track her down to the market’s prison catacomb. However, it turns out she has already freed herself from her cell. At the same time, Ulocco Lo'tus appears with heavily armed guards and confronts the trio…

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