2504 - Die Hypersenke
The Hyperdepression
Leo Lukas

The Munklu Feubald is transferred to the ANIAZUU. The just completed ship is the pride of the Bokazuu, possessing the new type linear engine. As tradition calls for, the commander appointed to the ship, Leyharte Semfuu "buys" a Munklu, Feubald, so that he can fulfill his function on board as a luck bringer. A good relationship quickly develops between the two of them.

In contrast to this, the relation between Semfuus and his First Officer Sonarte Horiuu is burdened from the beginning. Semfuu believes that she had only been appointed as his deputy based on political games and would have rather been promoted by her family immediately into the seat of the commander anyway. However, in a discussion, Horiuu reveals to him that her family was in favor of Semfuu’s nomination, although other influential families had demanded a younger commander. She will not interfere in the ship’s leadership, but will handle outside representation and contact with foreign beings. Because Semfuu has never liked these duties, he agrees to the clear distribution of jobs. The relationship between the two smoothens.

The ANIAZUU reaches its first goal, an important trade base, without problems. Because its maiden trip is supposed to make a good impression to the outside, several important personalities are taken on board as special guests. Among them is the famous Lore bard Görn Exiffele Barost, who proves to be a very difficult character to deal with. This shows itself in among other ways that he wants to be addressed only in the third person and declines to pay the nine percent of his fare, which a cancelling sponsor is no longer there to settle. Sonarte Horiuu arranges a performance by him as a way to pay off his debt. After an incredibly entraining presentation during the concert, suddenly something absolutely unexpected happens: the safely tested and used linear engines explode. Leyharte Semfuu immediately gives the repair order and sets off an emergency call

Perry Rhodan, Icho Tolot and Mondra Diamond have meanwhile launched with the MIKRU-JON from the world of the Halftrack-Changeures. The onboard computer proves to be self-willed, but cooperative and reveals that it is able to still carry out hyperlight flight under the changed conditions of the Hyperimpedance without problems. The first Hyperapce flight succeeds and Icho Tolot firmly determines that Kyon Megas is not unknown to the Terrans. Kyon Megas is a galaxy well known to the Terrans as Centaurus A. This lies in the direction of the power concentration of the superintelligence ESTARTU and in the vicinity of a row of cosmic focuses, like a former power center of the Cosmocrat Taurec or the arsenal of the Baolin N’da. Through various exercises, meanwhile, Mondra Diamond determines that the lynx-like being Ramoz is paranormally gifted and possesses at least weak telepathic capacities. While MIKRU-JON prepares its next Hyperspace-jump, the engines fail and almost simultaneously the emergency call from the Bokazuu reaches the Galactics. Perry Rhodan decides to go on board the ANIAZUU together with Icho Tolot, in order do what is right and try to help them.

Seyharte Semfuu and Sonarte Horiuu discover that in one of the container weapons are being transported disguised as merchandise. The beamers turn out to have an unusually great effect, just as the Hyperradio is now functioning much better since the loss of the engines. Semfuu arrives at the supposition that there, where they are presently stranded, the increase of the Hyperimpedance has been nullified. He gives the command to start the engines with low power. At this moment, the computer system of the ANIAZUU is infiltrated by a virus. In addition Perry Rhodan and Icho Tolot request entry.

Semfuu takes the two Galactics on board. It comes to a misunderstanding because Horiuu considers Perry Rhodan t be a servant of Tolot, based upon his resemblance with the Munklu. The ship’s leadership of the ANIAZUU tends to believe Perry and Tolot’s peaceful intention, but Görn Exiffele Barost intervenes loudly and as the spokesman of the discontented VIP guests demands the arrest of the two. Semfuu gives in to the demand. Perry and Tolot let themselves be taken away. In the makeshift cell of the medical center, they easily succeed in overwhelming the guards and escaping the center. During the escape they encounter Feubald, who they have no trouble convincing of their peaceful intentions. Investigating, they discover that Görn Exiffele Barost proves to be a spy of the Svirener, and is responsible for the computer problems. Barost is arrested. The diminished Hyperimpedance in the Hyperdepression stabilizes itself again in the meantime to the normal value, without the cause for this phenomenon being found.

A few days later, the MIKRU-JON reaches the Polypport-court PERISTERA. Semfuu only knew the court by hearsay, but was able to give Perry the warning as he departed to be sure to beware of the craftiness of the Toykens.

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