2503 - Die Falle von Dhogar
The Trap of Dhogar
Andreas Eschbach

Reginald Bull has command of the troops and scientists working on the Distribution depot ITHAFOR located in the star cluster Dhogar. On January 13, 1463 NGE, the chief scientist Milton DeBeer reports that the Polyport radio has been brought under control so that one can now also send messages. Bull first tries to call NEW-OLYMP, the Polyport court in the Stardust system, then sends a message to Perry Rhodan in Morse code. However, there is no answer - all calls over the radio have ceased by now. An eerie silence prevails on the radio network.

At the same time Frequency Follower Sinnafoch, is coming with 24 DC-battle lights from the neighboring Andromeda galaxy, to ITHAFOR to retake the station and eradicate his disgrace. His flagship is the CARLUZ, and like all DC-battle lights it resembles a 1650 meter in diameter, 820 feet high, symmetrical polished ruby, surrounded at the equator by a groove filled with red light. These vessels are made of charged form energy and are - it is believed by Sinnafoch - superior to anything that other races can muster in the era of the fourth hyper-depression. When they arrive on the 14th of January near ITHAFOR, he observes, as 36 warships of a nation, which he still does not know appear there. These are Arkonide ships, and their commander, Keon'athor Rokulon, offers Bull the support of Bostich’s GWALON-battle ships. Though Bostich makes this offer in his capacity as chairman of the New Galacticum, and not as emperor of the Arkonide Empire, Bull rejects it in a rather undiplomatic way. He assures the Arkonide that the LFT had no need of help, and supported this claim by a small demonstration: 120 battle ships of the APOLLO class and 20 JUPITER-Ultra giants turn off their Paros-shadow screens. The Arkonides then leave.

Sinnafoch is glad not to have run into the trap, and now attacks. The shots of the Terran ships are ineffective, because the DC battle lights can put themselves into an energetically shifted continuum in which, although they cannot fire anymore, they are unassailable and still maneuverable. The Terran shadow screens represent no obstacle for their weapons. Reginald Bull will do whatever is needed to avoid losses and orders a retreat. Sinnafoch brings Darturka landing troops to ITHAFOR. When he is personally at their head, Bulls activates 'Plan B': PRETORIA unmasks itself. Even the ships of the Frequency Monarchy cannot escape the concentrated firepower of this huge space fortress, and in a short time, several are destroyed. At the same time new troops in ITHAFOR move forward a particularly strong protective screen and surround the invaders. Bull wants to take one of the Monarchy’s secret bearers captive. Sinnafoch, who has not yet digested the new defeat, understands this. He reaches for the last resort, and plans his suicide. Death is not final for him, for his soul (the Vamu). Like that of all Vatrox will return to a Hibernation world and obtain a new clone body. Sinnafoch wants to take as many of his enemies with him into death as possible and asks to personally negotiate with the Terrans. He uses his ability of Para-skulking to hide a grenade from the people – but does succeed in hiding it from the TARA battle robots that are monitoring the meeting. They kill Sinnafoch before he can detonate the grenade.

On January 16 the cleanup begins. All the Darturkas are dead and the DC battle lights are destroyed. The Terrans have suffered only small amounts of losses. In the rubble of the remains of the CARLUZ a chart machine is found, which contain references to the star cluster Bengar. This is only 4500 light years away from Tefrod. There is only one ship, with which one can reach this star cluster, which is located in Andromeda, in a reasonable time: The JULES VERNE. Bull calls for the barbell spaceship to come to the ITHAFOR…

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