2502 - Im Museumsraumer
In The Museum Ship
Christian Montillon

Perry Rhodan, Mondra Diamond and Icho Tolot flee with Ariel Motrifis through the catacombs of the city of Maran in which the troops of the Frequency Monarchy are settling in. They want to try to find a museum located on a neighboring floe, because a spaceship displayed there is their only chance to leave the planet Markanu and reach the second Polyport court stationed in this solar system. They do not succeed in bringing other surviving Halftrack-Changeures to security, because it repeatedly comes to battles with the Darturka-clone soldiers whom the scared Halftrack-Changeures avoid by "going". This is also what happens with a Changeure that the Frequency Follower Kharonis managed to capture with the help of his ability of Para-skulking. While Kharonis still tries to get out information about the PARALOX-ARSENAL from him, he evaporates and disappears.

Finally, Ariel Motrifis explains to his companions what this ability of the Halftrack-Changeures is. Millions of years ago the sun around which Markanu circles became the grave of the superintelligence APHANUR and was thereby transformed into a six-dimensional shining jewel. But as a result of this radiation the system was moved into the focus of various powers, which did not always have friendly intentions (once even Cairol was supposed to have landed with a cobalt blue cylinder). At the same time the Andury at that time who had withdrawn to Markanu approximately eighty thousand years ago after the creation of the Mesoport network, also attained the ability to move themselves over the so-called Halftrack into the Aphanur demimonde. This is a phase-shifted parallel world with a slowed down passage of time, and the Halftrack-Changeures have since then lead a sort of psionic double existence. They exist virtually at the same time in the standard universe and in the Aphanur demimonde, but can move themselves by an effort of will completely into the latter. They can return at any time if they desire to - but Motrifis expects that the shock that his people have suffered from the attack of the Frequency Monarchy is too great, and that there will be no return this time. Therefore, he supposes that he is the last Halftrack-Changeure living “ on this side”.

Kharonis, who has observed a fight of the small group against his Darturka-Regiment now pursues Rhodan personally, because he has recognized that the Terran must be something special. He therefore wants to capture Rhodan. The fleeing people have, in the meantime, reached the museum and the spaceship MIKRU-JON displayed there. The Galactics meet a living being there which resembles a small tiger with black-silver fur. Mondra falls for the mini-tiger and gives him the name Ramoz. She wants to take him with them when they leave. MIKRU-JON is the only spaceship on Markanu, because the Halftrack-Changeures had long ago given up space travel. The ship seems to possess its own consciousness and seems happy to make the acquaintance of Rhodan, Mondra and Tolot. In the case of Motrifis however, things look different. This does not bother the Halftrack-Changeur, for he does not intend to accompany the Galactics anyway. He wants to now transfer himself into the Aphanur demimonde and face his surviving people there, for he feels he is to blame for the Monarchy finding them. First, however, he wants to give Rhodan his Class A controller – it is the last one he has, because all the other controllers were destroyed, so that they would not fall into the hands of the Frequency Monarchy.

Unfortunately he has no time to instruct Rhodan in the controller’s use, because Kharonis, his war orderly and his Darturka soldiers suddenly attack. After a hard battle, the Galactics are victorious, however, Ariel Motrifis seems to have fallen victim to an attack and explosion. The Galactics retrieve two more Class A controllers from the dead Frequency Follower. Then they launch with MIKRU-JON.

Unknown to the Galactics, Ariel Motrifis had actually managed to flee, mortally wounded, into the Aphanur demimonde. Despite his guilt, he feels welcomed there, as he dies.

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