2501 - Die Frequenz-Monarchie
The Frequency Monarchy
Christian Montillon

Perry Rhodan assures Ariel Motrifis of the help of the LFT, but demands in exchange for it, information about the Polyport net and the Halftrack-Changeures. Motrifis invites Rhodan and two companions - Mondra Diamond and Icho Tolot are selected, to Gucky’s displeasure - to accompany him to the planet Markanu. This is the native land of the Halftrack-Changeures in the solar system Andury-Aphanur in the galaxy Kyon Megas, which they have blocked off from the net.

Motrifis has entertained a big gamble in leaving this world over the Polyport net and asking the Terrans for help. Nevertheless, it was unavoidable, because the Halftrack-Changeures are helplessly facing the Frequency Monarchy, which began the conquest of the transport courts only ten days ago - they are a peaceful, slowly becoming extinct race, to which war is completely foreign. After troops of the Frequency Monarchy have once again attacked the Distribution depot and been beaten off, Motrifis closes the transfer chimneys with his controller - only with these devices can one steer the Polyport courts, and only Transfer Operators like Motrifis ordinarily own controller. Unfortunately, the Frequency Monarchy also disposes of some of these devices, so that it is only a matter of time, until the blockage will be lifted again.

While the Galactics travel together with the Halftrack-Changeur in the Polyport net to Markanu, Motrifis reports about the past of the Andury. This race discovered the first desolate Polyport court of the missing Anthurianers at that time approximately eighty thousand years ago. With the controllers they also found, of which there are three classes A, B and C, they could start running one transport court after the other, although they could never really decipher the technology. As time went on the Andury became the Halftrack-Changeures.

They have knowledge of at least two hundred fifty courts in eleven galaxies - to which Andromeda also belongs. However, many of them are severely damaged for unknown reasons and are considered “lost courts”, like the GALILEO was. With controllers of the category C it should be possible to reach the so-called trade stars. With these stations it should be possible to also transport bigger objects - including spaceships - but such a controller was never found. The Halftrack-Changeure made Polyport courts available to races that have been checked by them and been judged as morally far enough developed.

Markanu is a water world whose endless oceans are covered by immense, floe-like structures. This is the Endless City, an ancient relic of unknown origin which has been already been settled by many races over time. Here live the Halftrack-Changeures in complete isolation; their Polyport court is ordinarily a blind spot in the net.

Perry Rhodan assures the members of the council - the heads of the Halftrack-Changeures - of military help and requires in return, insight into all the secrets of the Polyport net. He wants to be an equal partner of the Halftrack-Changeures. Before the Highest Councilor Konfi Gaschumon Ata can respond, a Darturka regiment attacks the city and causes a slaughter among the defenseless population.

The Galactics are the only ones that can defend themselves. But they also must flee and Ariel Motrifis leads them into catacombs. He rightly gives himself the guilt for the disaster, because by his use of the Polyport court of Markanu it was possible for the scientists of the Frequency Monarchy to notice and locate it. Motrifis says that he has no information about NEO-OLYMP, the court in the Stardust system. He knows only that the Stardust humanity had started running it approximately fifty years ago, but that it is not accessible from the net.

A lot of Halftrack-Changeures avoid the disaster, when they "go": They become immaterial and disappear with an unknown destination. Gaschumon Ata does this, as a Frequency Follower Kharonis, the leader of the Darturkas, interrogates him in order to try to get information about the PARALOX ARSENAL. Kharonis later uses his ability of Para-skulking to follow a not yet "gone" Halftrack-Changeure...

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