2500 - Projekt Saturn
Project Saturn
Frank Borsch

More than one hundred years have passed since the end of Negasphere of Hangay and the withdrawal of the Terminal Column TRAITOR from the galaxies of the local group. The peoples of the Milky Way have dedicated this time of peace especially to research Now they face a new danger, and the superintelligence ES sends his servant Homunk to Perry Rhodan to warn him about it.

Project Saturn

On the 3rd of January, 1463 NGE (in 5050 A.D.) Perry Rhodan initiates his still not ageing companion Mondra Diamond into the top secret Project Saturn. About sixty years ago Explorers discovered an abandoned transport court of the Halftrack-Changeures in the orbit of the sun Lashu-12a, situated in the galactic Northside and towed it to the Sol system. Since then the scientists of the LFT have devoted themselves of the investigation of this square, two thousand five hundred meter wide space station which is called the Poly-port court GALILEO. In a recess in the middle of the transport court four blue shining transfer chimneys are recognizable. The research team is led by the as brilliant as he eccentric hyperphysicist Milton DeBeer. Two Laosoors Vanqueron and Isuzu (a short distance-Telekinet and a short distance-Teleporter) support the team. One hopes, the the transport court can serve the Terrans one day as a gateway to other galaxies - intergalactic space travel is not quite impossible since the rise of the hyperimpedance, but still connected with long travel times. Because the technology of the Halftrack-Changeures is mostly incomprehensible for the Terrans, up to now they have not succeeded in reactivating the inactive transport court. From the holographic projection of a Halftrack-Changeure it is only to be found out that the Anthurianers who disappeared long ago created the transport courts, and that the Polyport-net formed by the numerous courts should be used only for peaceful purposes.

However, now the transport court seems to have begun to reactivate itself for unknown reasons. First the radio communication systems come back up. Many incomprehensible radio messages are caught, but some are recognized to be in the language of the Mightys. They tell of a war: The Frequency Monarchy is conquering one transport court after the other. Mondra Diamond suggests blowing up the GALILEO, before the Sol system also ends up in danger, but Perry Rhodan does not consider this, if only for the fact that another radio message comes with which the court NEO-OLYMP from the Stardust system announces itself. Its commander Stuart Lexa states that an attack of the Frequency Monarchy is directly approaching, and calls for help on behalf of Administrator Whistler. Because the GALILEO shows the only known possibility to reach the Stardust system, the station may on no account be lost. Suddenly a full alarm is given.

Attack of the Frequency Monarchy

After the conquest of the Distribution depot ITHAFOR, a 8.5-km-long and approximately 4 km wide space station in which eight Polyport- courts are flanged, the Frequency Follower Sinnafoch, a high-ranking envoy of the Frequency Monarchy, learns of the existence of the lost court KIIRFALK. He sends a Regiment of his Darturka soldiers over the Polyport- net there and personally follows them with his battle orderly Skulptis. The Darturkas (three-meter tall, beefy beings with relatively small moray like heads, cloned on a huge scale and blindly loyal to their commanders) bump into unexpectedly violent opposition: Humanoid beings and battle robots defend the KIIRFALK and quickly decimate the Darturkas. Sinnafoch learns who his enemy is: These are Terrans, and the name of their leader is Perry Rhodan. KIIRFALK is the court GALILEO hidden in Saturn orbit.

Perry Rhodan and Mondra Diamond find htemselvesin violent battles after the astonishing attack of the Darturkas. Because Milton DeBeer succeeds by sabotage in bringing the transfer chimneys to shut down, the opponents receive no reinforcements and can be taken out. Mondra and the two Laosoors capture Sinnafoch and Skulptis. Gucky and Icho Tolot interrogate the two, but accomplish nothing, because Sinnafoch and Skulptis are also para-numb like the Darturkas, i.e. Telepaths cannot read their thoughts. In addition, Sinnafoch, a thin humanoid with black skin, carries a so-called inductive cell in his brain, a sort of technical extra sense, which advises him. Moreover, as a Para-skulker Sinnafoch is immune against any kind of Para-gift (e.g. a Telekinet cannot hold onto him) and can make himself invisible - but the Terrans still anticipate nothing of this. Nevertheless, they operate on him to extricate the inductive cell out, which turns out to be a great humiliation for Sinnafoch, as does the loss of his hair plait, grown over many years as a splendid status symbol. This Pigasoshaar was burnt during the battles. The Terrans learn hardly anything else from the haughty Frequency Follower, than that he is descended from the people of the Vatrox, and that he regards the Frequency Monarchy as far more mighty than the LFT.

Counterattack of the Terrans

Shortly after the end of the battles Perry Rhodan receives a visit from Homunk. The android reports that Lotho Keraete is dead and ES has lost control of the situation in the star cluster Far Away. That's why ES once again cannot help the Terrans in the Sol system. Perry Rhodan should protect the Polyport-net at all costs, because it may not be allowed to fall into the wrong hands.

Perry Rhodan personally takes over command of about one hundred Terran specialists and also many TARA battle robots, which is supported by some Ertrusers, the two Laosoors, Mondra Diamond, Gucky and Icho Tolot. The group uses the transport lenses left behind by the Darturka to penetrate to the counterstation of the Polyport-court. The Terrans thereby reach the ITHAFOR. The second attack wave led by Reginald Bull arrives after a little while. They find out that the gigantic station is near the center of the unsettled star cluster M-68 with the proper name Dhogar. This cluster is approximately thirty-eight thousand four hundred eighty light years from the Sol system and lies twenty-three thousand light years above the galactic main level of the Southside. Perry Rhodan sends for a cruiser association for support. After violent battles the Terrans are able to establish a bridgehead and conquer other areas of ITHAFOR bit by bit. Perry Rhodan sends for Sinnafoch and Skulptis to be sent to ITHAFOR, because he hopes to be able to move the Frequency Follower to talk by a demonstration of Terran power. However, this turns out to be a failure.

The Terrans suffer heavy losses, because the Darturkas are warriors who show no consideration for themselves. Many of them rush in kamikaze actions with activated protective screens at the hostile battle groups. In the chaos of the battles Sinnafoch and Skulptis are able to escape their cells. They meet Mondra and the Laosoors. While Sinnafoch makes himself invisible and flees, Skulptis attacks. He kills Vanqueron and comes to his own end when a ray weapon is triggered in the brawl with Isuzu, so that both burn to death. Sinnafoch bumps into some Darturkas, which escort him up to the transfer chimneys. On the way he views the data, which the Polyport court remote control device has collected up to now about the Sol system. When he finds out that the system is a ‘location of the first class’, he thinks to be able to transform his defeat into a triumph. Such locations are extremely important for the Frequency Monarchy - in other words: The Sol system must be conquered. The Monarchy has been looking for some time for the PARALOX Arsenal, a lost ultimate weapon with which all galaxies that hold Polyport courts could be controlled. Every single lost court could contain a clue to the PARALOX Arsenal. Sinnafoch retreats to a neighboring galaxy using the transfer chimney and intends to return with a fleet consisting of invincible DC-battle light ships. His now has a very special hatred that is directed towards Perry Rhodan...

After the situation in ITHAFOR has calmed down, a transfer takes place in one of its Polyport courts. The Halftrack-Changeur Ariel Motrifis appears from it, gives Perry Rhodan recognition for the conquest of ITHAFOR and asks him for help against the Frequency Monarchy…

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