250 - Die sechste Epoche
The 6th Epoch
K.H. Scheer


In January 2403, one year after the conquest of Androbeta, Rhodan decides to venture into Androbeta with his new ship, the Khrest III. This ultracruiser is 2.5km wide and fitted with the famous SH shield [Cedric: I don't know the original name for this one, I'll just leave the initials], identical to the one used by the Maahks. The Khrest III has a range of 1.2 million light years, and is able to cross the intergalactic void.

While approaching Andromeda, Rhodan discovers a huge space station the size of a large city. The exploration of this station awakens Kalak, the only inhabitant of the city. Kalak is a Paddler.

A long time ago, these galactic engineers were building space stations that were used as stellar waystations. But one day, the Masters of the Island decided the Paddlers were becoming too powerful and attacked the stations using one of their enslaved races.

Kalak's starbase (KA-Supertarif) barely escapes destruction, but only Kalak survives. He placed himself into artificial sleep, waiting for help. He is ready to offer the use of his station to the Terrans if they help him find other Paddlers who may have survived.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

While the revolt of the Maahks against the "Masters of the Island" continues in Andro-alpha, the base on the planet Gleam is finished at the beginning of 2404. Some improved propulsion systems alleviate the restocking of the Lost System. The fleet is equipped with the new Mosquito hunters, two-seater hunters possessing a linear propulsion, a transform cannon and a hyperenergy shield (HU-Shield), developed from the Maahk energy shields.

January 5, 2404 the KHREST III, the new flagship of the Solar Imperium, lands on Gleam. It is a prototype of the Galaxy Class with a diameter of two thousand five hundred meters and a crew of five thousand men. Three linear propulsion units give the vessel a range of 1.2 million light years.

The KHREST III leaves for the first expedition into the Andromeda Nebula itself.

A platform is discovered in orbit around a small red sun very close to the edge of the Andromeda galaxy. It has an overall diameter of ninety-six kilometers and is thirty-two kilometers thick. A large belt of thirty kilometers covered with structure surrounds a landing surface. This flying spaceport is the platform KA-Inexpensive - shipyard of the cosmic engineer Kalak, of the Paddler race. He is a humanoid and is one and a half meters tall and as much wide. Paddlers can separate the elements of their body and can pass through matter. Because of these unusual faculties, the Paddlers have been pursued and shattered by the "Masters of the Island" whom Kalak calls the "Pain as One". Because of their appearance and the shape of their vessels, Kalak mistakes the Terrans for representatives of the main allies of the "Masters of the Island" who destroyed his clan eight hundred years ago. The cosmic engineer wants to take vengeance and attracts the KHREST III to the KA-Inexpensive. When he recognizes his mistake, he allies himself with the Terrans.

Michael P. Mahoney

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