2498 - Die Duale Metropole
The Dual Metropolis
Uwe Anton

On November 20, 1347 NGE Perry Rhodan lies awake at night and ponders anxious questions: How can he face KOLTOROC and his threat? How can he protect the humanity? What would he personally be ready to sacrifice? His friends Reginald Bull, Gucky, Atlan...? Mondra? His immortality? His Knight's aura? On November 21, 1347 NGE at 10:12 AM VULTAPHER materializes on the edge of the Sol system, along with five hundred thirty-three Traitank Chaos Squadrons, containing two hundred fifty-seven thousand nine hundred seventy-two warships. The second siege begins, although TRAITOR no longer has an interest in the local group. Reginald Bull can only hope that the TERRANOVA Screen also stands firm against VULTAPHER. The Traitanks begin the bombardment. At approximately the same time Perry Rhodan, Mondra Diamond and Inkadye begin their preparations: These three will go to KOLTOROC. Perry Rhodan is able to persuade his friends that anyone else would be too dangerous. Mondra takes along eggs of the Tarnii KOLTOROC and Inkadye some Parapolarisators of Ekatus Atimoss. Perry Rhodan wraps up a secret weapon, two small objects... With the help of Alomendris they reach Contact Forest One Hundred Twenty-six and with it KOLTOROC'S direct vicinity. They are expected by String Legates and escorted. When they leave the Contact Forest, they bump into a virtual town, in which KOLTOROC has apparently shunted consciousness fragments as semi-material venues. They pass them, go past invisible buildings, and come to the Dual Metropolis: A vertical-standing disc, one side silver, the other black.

During this time an immense fleet of the Galactics materializes on the edge of the Sol system, primarily Arkonides, led by Imperator Bostich I. They are smuggled into the Sol system to support the defenders, except for Bostich who remains with his Throne Fleet beyond the shooting line. TRAITOR intentionally ignores these ships.

Perry Rhodan, Mondra Diamond and Inkadye are escorted to the inside of the Dual Metropolis. There they come upon KOLTOROC in a garden: He has created a four-meter tall projection body as a kind of Dual and appeared by a transmitter. His left body half is a perfect, aesthetic humanoid body, while the right half is a swarm of tiny, aggressive insects.

KOLTOROC apologizes, full of charm and politeness for the fact that he had to make Perry Rhodan come to him. He was still too weakened by the attack of the Nucleus for a trip. He makes an offer to Perry Rhodan: He wants Perry to change onto the side of the Chaos powers. KOLTOROC plays the charming host and talks to the three about the higher powers, in order to persuade Perry Rhodan. He discusses the Cosmocrats without any reservations, but that Perry Rhodan stands for life in itself, fills him with fury. How can somebody work for such an abstract and deceitful thing like life in itself?

Perry Rhodan refuses to join the Chaos powers, and KOLTOROC suggests another trade to him: The sparing of the Sol system and the Milky Way in exchange for Perry Rhodan's Knight's aura. KOLTOROC explains to him, that he cannot simply take it away from him, because Rhodan must agree to the transfer. Rhodan has to recognize that a Knight's aura would be an incomparable secret weapon in the hands of the Chaos powers. KOLTOROC could easily attain control over artifacts of the Cosmocrats with it.

Rhodan refuses, and KOLTOROC nonchalantly orders VULTAPHER to attack the Sol system.

The Traitanks around the Sol system begin to fire, while VULTAPHER activates an unknown weapon system. The TERRANOVA Screen is suddenly surrounded from a dark layer that weakens it.

KOLTOROC, Perry Rhodan and Mondra Diamond stare at the representation in the mirror of a String Legate, as Inkadye gets out the Parapolarisators, activates them all at the same time and flings the resulting Psi-storm at KOLTOROC'S body. He intercepts it laughing, flinging its back at her and thereby kills the Sorgor. While KOLTOROC is distracted by this, Rhodan and Mondra flee by a transmitter into another area of the Dual Metropolis. Rhodan was simply not close enough to KOLTOROC to be able to use his secret weapon...

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