2497 - Das Monokosmium
The Monokosmium
Hubert Haensel

Kirmizz has set up a mental training ground on the hundred suns world, the Monokosmium, in order to improve his battle skills. He is currently in the middle in a simulation, but difficulties in the construction of VULTAPHER are reported. He decides that he must leave and personally finish off VULTAPHER'S construction.

In the meantime, Roi Danton and one hundred micro-Beasts go by transmitter to the hundred suns world. They want to kill Kirmizz, so that the Chaotender is rendered useless. They even speculate whether they could capture him...

Roi Danton deals with the Central plasma, who announces that the Posbis will start an attack on the VULTAPHER. Then Roi Danton and his Micro-Beasts are sent to the Monokosmium by the Central plasma, which they can penetrate only thanks to their Dark filed generators. In the Monokosmium they distribute themselves to attack Kirmizz immediately when he returns. Roi examines the remarkable exhibits and is drawn into various simulations, which leaves a mental imprint.

In the meantime, Kirmizz was able to overcome VULTAPHER'S problems. Now the assembly of VULTAPHER can again be fully automated.

Kirmizz returns with cargo robots to the Monokosmium, in order to disable it and rebuild it anew on the VULTAPHER. An unknown mental signature indicated by one of the statuettes is a warning signal for him and he turns on his individual protective screen so that he barrage of micro-Beasts. As a result, he provides a fight himself with the micro-Beasts and Roi Danton, as he begins to use pain scream ability. Roi notifies the Central plasma to now begin the battle space, in order to prevent that Traitanks bring Kirmizz reinforcements.

Within less than two minutes, the Central plasma has its entire fleet of three hundred thousand BOXES ready to fight and starts the offensive. Thanks to its newly developed 5-D-shredder can Posbis destroy Traitanks, but the VULTAPHER remains intact. Thanks to the Cybernetic conspiracy, they can even manipulate the systems of some Traitanks briefly.

Roi and the micro-Beasts discover that by destroying the statuettes charged with Kirmizz's consciousness fragments, they can weaken him. By destroying enough of them they manage to then break down his force field and kill Kirmizz. Then they flee before Mor'Daers arrive.

After a short time, the battle goes badly for the Posbis: VULTAPHER is ready and BOXES are being shot down. There are just too many Traitanks. Finally, when Roi sends the order for the BOXES to run, only approximately twenty-one thousand BOXES are left

The Galactics are not sure what will happen now. All of sudden VULTAPHER and all the Traitanks set in motion and go to hyperlight in the direction of the Sol system. (It is not known who has taken over command of the Chaotender.) Roi and his command follow them in a BOX, but know that they will arrive long after the decision has fallen...

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