2496 - Chaotender gegen Sol
Chaotender Against Sol
Hubert Haensel

On the November 17, 1347 NGE thousands of Traitanks once again fly an attack against the TERRANOVA Screen. It comes to strange phenomena in the Sol system; Reginald Bull finds himself temporarily in a Para-reality in which Terrania is depopulated and is overgrown by jungle. The Defense Minister supposes that TRAITORíS armed forces had managed to break through with a continuation of the attack - but when the Para-reality breaks down, it turns out they have received the retreat order. The celebration of the Terrans break out with the information that the Hangay Retroversion has taken place, and that all the units of the Terminal Column have been ordered to gather at three rendezvous points, to wait there for further orders. Everything points to a departure of the TRAITOR from the Milky Way.

The good news is also received in the DARK GHOUL. Roi Danton has just observed how some ships of the Galactic opposition have used a new weapon in the fight against Traitanks, which however leads to the self-destruction of the carrier ship along with that of the Traitanks. Unfortunately, it is not possible for him to stop the subsequent destruction of the rebel's base. Traitank 1,199,188 flies on to the hundred sun world. Danton wants to learn what happens with VULTAPHER as a result of the retreat order. The previously used masquerade functions once more: The Kalbaron responsible on site swallows the story of Dantyrenís inspection tour and grants access to the Column Factory TRAIGOT-1710. It appears that the construction of the Chaotender has been slowed down by the application of structure burner torpedoes considerably, but it was not prevented completely. Several dozen finished cabinets already form a group all around MINATERG, the heart of VULTAPHER. String Legates are also operating in the sphere of the building site of the Chaotender. Though Danton does not know what these beings are all about, he avoids them the best he can, as a matter of safety. Meanwhile, a String Legate visits Kirmizz to deliver to him KOLTOROCíS new instructions.

Danton gets in touch with the Posbis. Though the central plasma has succeeded in influencing some Supratronics unnoticed and holding all the BOXES operational, the Posbis were not yet ready for attacks on VULTAPHER or the guard fleet. When a red alert is given, Danton returns to the Column Factory with his sloop, which has been "analyzed" earlier by a String Leagte. Danton finds out that VULTAPHER is to be completed as far as possible in quick order, so that it can then attack the Sol system and destroy it. String Legates appear once more and this with their special abilities they recognize that the micro-Beasts are not actually Column Assassins. Dantonís camouflage is also blow. The micro-Beasts react fast and sternly: They kill all the present opponents Ė except for the String Legates which seem to be untouchable by energy rays - and Danton orders the retreat to the DARK GHOUL. The whole team proceeds by transmitter into the BOX-9912. Shortly after this, Traitank 1,199,188 self-destructs, taking along with it the Column Factory and a number of Traitanks. Dantyren is now finally dead and Danton can destroy the odious full body mask.

But how can the team now stop KirmizzÖ

Jerry Schneiderman 2010-06-14

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