2495 - KOLTOROCS Feuer
Horst Hoffmann

KOLTOROC has challenged Perry Rhodan to duel him in the Dual Metropolis, but he did not reveal where this place is to be found. Rhodan has no intention of waiting for a Traitank to appear to take him there. He intends to travel there with the CHEOS-TAI and other of his forces. There is a way to possibly track down the seat of the Chaopressor’s power: Contact Forest One Hundred-twenty-six. This offshoot of Alomendris is still in the center region of Hangay, where KOLTOROC has been located up till now. All the armed forces of the Galactics and Peace Drivers are accumulated at Vatucym, where Rhodan goes with Git-Ka-N'ida, the leader of the Vibra-Squadron to visit the local forest. When asked to make contact with his lost forest, Alomendris reacts at first with his usual panic, but then he locates Contact Forest One Hundred Twenty-six, or at least its carrier spaceship. Perry Rhodan goes with the JULES VERNE to the given coordinates. Instead of the expected solar system, only a newly born nova is found. Is it a trick by KOLTOROC?

While Rhodan flies back to Vatucym, Git-Ka-N'ida and some other Kartanes of the Vibra-Squadron that had stayed on the planet go back to the Contact Forest of Vatucym. The Vibra-Kartanes have suffered since the destruction of GLOIN TRAITOR from a phenomenon that they call "flickering": one of them disappears and emerges only some time later again. Particularly affected is the young Min-Da-N'or, who had lost her unborn child when it teleported from her while in Contact Forest One Hundred-Twenty-six. In fact, he begins teleporting uncontrollably from one forest to another. The Contact Forest demands the Kartanes to leave him, but they remain and end up being taken alone when the carrier body of the forest launches him. Indeed all one hundred twenty-five free Hangay Contact Forests begin a journey that will bring them to the center region. Alomendris has finally decided to not hide any longer, but to seek a confrontation with KOLTOROC and to free his one hundred twenty-sixth offshoot. But Alomendris turns out to be powerless against the super-intelligence. In each of twelve forests a String Legate materializes and destroys the forest in fire. The affected forests burn in KOLTOROC’S fire on November 18, 1347 NGE.

The Kartanes recognize that the String Legates can detect the forests, because they are broadcasting search impulses, with whom they want to find their lost offshoot. When the pulses are turned off, no further attacks occur. The remaining forests stop their flight and turn to go to Vatucym. Their arrival is delayed, because Min-Da-N'or has involuntary teleported to Contact Forest One Hundred Twenty-six and overwhelmed by a negative entity there. This being is none other than her unborn child, which has become known to the Chaopressor and turned into KOLTOROC’S tool. The others mentally see what is happening to Min-Da-N'or and follow her. Git-Ka-N'ida ends up having to kill her before the monster can take over her body and become fully mobile. The Kartanes then return to their forest and can continue their retreat. On November 19 the remaining one hundred thirteen Contact Forests meet up at Vatucym. Gucky catches a brief glimpse in the thoughts of the Vibra-Kartanes and thereby learns, what has become of N'or-Da-Min. he also notes that KOLTOROC must be very close to Contact Forest One Hundred Twenty-six…

Jerry Schneiderman 2010-06-08

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