2494 - Retroversion
Arndt Ellmer

The substance of the three messengers, intended to accomplish the Retroversion of the proto-Negasphere of Hangay, will soon be exhausted. It is, therefore, imperative to find and destroy GLOIN TRAITOR. All the ships of the Galactics and Peace Drivers are involved in the search. On November 15, 1347 NGE the JULES VERNE captures a radio message in an older LFT fleet code. It is from a cylindrical spacecraft, which disappears immediately: it may just be the long missing middle of the SOL. It comes at a rendezvous Where Atlan and Ronald Tekener are highly suspicious, for they do not know the JULES VERNE, and the crew could be clones made by TRAITOR. The fact that Ekatus Atimoss, a Dual being is on board, does not make matters any easier. After all the misunderstandings and doubts are resolved, it is a joyous reunion of the old friends and information is shared.

On the same day, after the THEREME II saves Polm Ombarís Oreon Capsule from destruction in a small black hole, they catch the Column radio message, which the ESCHER-Processors on Anun-Faris had sent out. GLOIN TRAITOR is discovered by Kantiranís ship. The Needle of Chaos is just fleeing back to the center black hole, protected by four Chaos Squadrons, but Kamuko can pursue its course with the Glowlight Armor. Kantiran returns to the fleet with the news. On November sixteenth Perry Rhodan orders the next attack. Structure burner torpedoes are used. No massive damage appears to occur, but a small structural rip occurs in the protective fields of GLOIN TRAITOR which Kantiranís THEREME II gets sucked through. Up close it is possible to destroy some of its protective screen projectors. After this, the concentrated fire by the units of the Galactics plus the CHEOS-TAI breaks GLOIN TRAITORíS screens for good. GLOIN TRAITOR breaks apart under the bombardment and the gravitational pull of the black hole, and its remains are devoured by Athaniyyon together with most of its Traitanks.

Now the messengers complete their work, but that does not mean the job is finished. The Nucleus explains that as a result of its origin coming from the universe Tarkan, Hangay has a special "inclination" towards allowing a Negasphere to be developed. This inclination must be specially removed, and the Nucleus can only do it with his own energy along with that of ARCHETIMíS energies that he had tapped. The collective being radiates all its energy and goes out Ė seeing it as the purpose and destiny of its existence - to normalize the situation in Hangay. The Chaos physics has been negated, and the psionic power structure has been completely repaired. There is thus no reason for TRAITOR, to continue stopping in the local group. But KOLTOROC, licking his wounds in the Dual Metropolis, takes the matter personally. He does not fear punishment from the Chaotarcs due to his failure (the establishment of a Negasphere succeeds in only one in a thousand cases anyway), but he wants revenge. He calls out to Perry Rhodan, telling him to face him in the Dual Metropolis, or else he will destroy Rhodanís homeworld and the human race. Rhodan is willing to fight for the Earth, but to be safe one thousand Oreon Capsules containing all the important information are sent to the Sol system on November seventeenth...

Jerry Schneiderman 2010-05-29

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