2493 - Der WELTWEISE
Leo Lukas

Twenty-two naked people appear from out of nowhere on an atoll in the middle of the ocean. They have no notion about how they go there, but they know who they are – or rather were: Consciousness contents of the group being WORLD-SAGE and ex-Processors of the Parapositronic ESCHER. Laurence Savoire, Merlin Myhr, Pal Astuin and Matheux Alan-Bari are part of the group. When they see a giant jellyfish-like body in the sea and when the silhouette of the Needle of Chaos is to be recognized in the sky later, it becomes clear to them that WORLD-SAGE must have been weakened in his attack on GLOIN TRAITOR in such a way that he was forced to take back on physical shape and also restore the consciousness contents united in him into their physical bodies. The people have gotten back their original bodies, but it remains unclear what has become of the other ex-Processors. On the planet there is a small base of the Terminal Column where they perceive the appearance of the people and the World Sage in the form of hyperphysical peaks on their sensors. The area in question is searched with gliders, but the people succeed in hiding in time.

The ex-Processors recognize that the jellyfish being is dying, and transport him under great efforts into deeper waters where he can recover. However, he does not regain consciousness immediately. On the way to the deeper water, two of the humans fall prey to sea predators, one being Wilbuntir Gilead, Sybil Bytter's companion. Matheux Alan-Bari suddenly develops a Para-gift during the attack with which he is able to chase off the monsters.

Finding a new hiding place, the humans meet two of the planet’s native intelligences: the Ckornautes Sahmsivil and his father Jozzepok. Sahmsivil is not initially kindly inclined towards the strangers, because the Mor'Daers of the TRAITOR base have slaughtered the children of his school class like animals, in order to bring their pelts to the viper like base commander (Kalmor Avorru) – he wanted to have them made into a fur coat for his lover. The Ckornaute Sahmsivil had been charged with the death of the children, because the penetration of extraplanetary intelligent beings is so incomprehensible for most Ckornautes that they rather deny it, than endanger their world view, which is based on a stable world.

Sybel Bytter also suddenly develops a Para-gift: She is able to mentally communicate with Sahmsivil and persuade him of the peacefulness of their intentions. Sahmsivil, who well much about all kinds of sea life is able to wake the World Sage from his unconsciousness. The World Sage reports that he has had been caught, after the damage of the Elementary-Quintadim-shifter, by the hyperenergetic protective screen of GLOIN TRAITOR and thereby been saved from destruction. Then the Needle of Chaos fled to the planet Anun-Faeris where the screen was switched off. WORLD-SAGE had been so weakened that he had to go down to the planet and reverted to a former stage of development in order to regenerate and later on be able to remerge into WORLD-SAGE, Regaining some of his forces, he succeeded in equipping the humans with Para-gifts.

Now the people use these abilities to infiltrate the TRAITOR base, which Sahmsivil helps them with. Their aim consists of emitting the message "GLOIN TRAITOR is here!" on Column radio, because it is clear to them that the Galactics must find the Needle of Chaos. The infiltration succeeds. Sahmsivil also bumps into Avorru’s paramour, who is wearing a coat of Ckornaute fur, much to his horror. He kills her with his harpoon. The radio signal is emitted, then the people retreat. After a little while the whole base is destroyed from space. The World Sage makes the offer to Sahmsivil and Jozzepok to accept them into his consciousness group when he reforms. However, Sahmsivil must give some thought to being tied to his father for all eternity…

Jerry Schneiderman 2010-05-24

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