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On October 25, 1347 NGE Hery-Ann Taeg, the Chief Medic of the SOL, informs Atlan about the fact that the Sorgor Inkadye, saved from Koltogor, is dying. She has lain in a vegatative state since shortly after her escape, and something seems to be draining off her vital energy. When Atlan visits and takes her hand, she awakes. Now that she seems to be dying, all her memories are returning to her. Thus she can tell Atlan the biography of KOLTOROC, which is closely tied together with her own history.

Inkadye was on the move seventy 70 million years ago by order of the Cosmocrats to bring peace in the galaxy Serdragon, being torn apart by awful wars. She had succeeded in bringing both sides - the Auper'comos being descendants of the V'Aupertir and the insectoid Kollogoms – to the table, namely, the Light City of Paragor but with the architectural styles of both peoples. The most important instrument for the preservation of the peace was to be a higher, intermediatory authority: A psionic potential field brought to life with Biophores, which would be imprinted with consciousness copies of countless Auper'comos and Kollogoms. The process was successful. An entity originated which united, among the rest, the copied consciousnesses ("Imagini") of the greatest scientists of both races. Inkadye gave the entity a name, which in her language meant something like »Bearer of Hope«. The name was Koltoroc.

Unfortunately, the entity’s birth was perverted by an attack of the Chaotarcs. The Chaos powers had no interest in the pacification of Serdragon and sent the Element of the Darkness to stop it. When the Element attacked Koltoroc, it was struck by a Biophore. The Element managed to escape, but a Quantum of the Darkness which split off from it united with the birthing Koltoroc. The ongoing gruesome torture of the Quantum of the Darkness pushed Koltoroc’s development in an undesirable direction. Torn by the duality of the consciousness contents of the two races merged inside him, the peacemaker became the preliminary stage of a negative superintelligence which killed all the living beings in Paragor and its surroundings, in order to take up their consciousness in himself. Koltoroc spared only his "mother" Inkadye, but mentally took control of her will and made them leave Serdragon with the Light City. In the following millenniums Koltoroc put Inkadye into deep sleep over and over again and woke her up if he felt like having some entertainment. Inkadye looked in vain for a way to escape and never really understood what Koltoroc, actually, wanted from her - it seemed to her almost as if the disembodied entity longed for her company and really felt affection towards her, because Koltoroc protected her and kept her alive all this time. She also remained Koltoroc’s prisoner, because the entity was not yet strong enough and could not risk being betrayed by Inkadye to the Cosmocrats.

One day Inkadye relaized that the entity had carried out the last step to superintelligence. KOLTOROC killed countless living beings to strengthen himself with their consciousness contents, and created strange body projections for himself. After twenty thousand years KOLTOROC steered the Light City back to Serdragon to make this galaxy the core of his thickness concentration. The superintelligence subjugated the galaxy and the neighbouring star islands, but showed no interest in developing into a matter depression. After millions of years Inkadye was woken once again. She was to appear as a negotiator for KOLTOROC, because an envoy of the Chaotarcs had appeared in Serdragon. The being was a Saddreykare, possibly a clone of Saddreyu, who the Chaotarcs had once kidnapped. The envoy had an interesting offer to make to KOLTOROC. The Chaotarcs wanted to guarantee his protection, and in return the superintelligence wouald take over command, as a Chaopressor, of the just originating Terminal Column TRAITOR. KOLTOROC’S training for this job would occur in the Negasphäre of TRIICLE-9. KOLTOROC agreed, left Serdragon and took along his "roots" in the form of Paragor, Koltogor and the state ships of the degenerated descendants of the Kollogom, leaving Inkadye alone for a long time. When he returned, he reported about the fact that he had been given the answer to teh Third Ultimate Question in Negane Mountain - the negative counterpart of the Mountain of Creation - in the center of the Negasphere.

Now KOLTOROC completely devoted himself to the construction of the Terminal Column and developed the prototypes for the different TRAITOR ship types as well as the preliminary stages of the Dual beings with which were virtually effigies of his own ambivalent personality. As prototypes of the dual beings he created teh String Legates from descendants of the Kollogom from the space town of Athurgos, which were mutated under the influence of the Vibra-Psi. These beings always appeared in a pair and one "half" always knew everything that the other "half" perceived - distances and barriers of whatever kind made no difference. KOLTOROC carried out the next step, with the creation of the real Duals, which were produced from the body halves of any pair of living beings.

One day the Chaotarch Xrayn manifested himself in the Negasphere. He was not pleased about the fact that KOLTOROC kept Inkadye as a sort of pet. The Chaotarch finally told KOLTOROC that he should completely free himself from his past. The superintelligence was not ready for it yet, but during the next centuries he did not visit Inkadye any more and did not put her back into deep sleep. Thus it was possible for the Sorgor to monitor things from Paragor by Column radio messages and to find out that KOLTOROC created the Dual Metropolis for himself. An ostensible possibility for the escape came up, when Inkadye met the gelatinous being Eslan Goku-Kong, who had built a Fiktiv transmitter. She resolutely used the device, only to find herself in Koltogor, hearing the laughter of KOLTOROC. The flying city became her prison for the next millions of years, until the SOL rescued her. That is the end of her report

Inkadye had lost consciousness several times during her story. On the 31st of October Trim Marath recognizes that a psionic phenomenon is responsible for the vital energy loss of the Sorgor. He tries with Startac Schroeder to counteract this affect. The two seem to succeed, because already on the 5th of November Hery-Ann Taeg announces that Inkadye will survive. From her story Atlan has become clear that KOLTOROC is not one of several leaders of TRAITOR, but the Chaopressor - virtually the heart of the Terminal Column. Five days later the Solaners experience the Vibra-Psi going out. They suppose that Perry Rhodan and the Nucleus must be active in Hangay. Atlan wants to try to find a connection with these comrades-in-arms and thus orders the SOL furhter into the center of Hangay...

Jerry Schneiderman 2010-05-13

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