2491 - Der dritte Messenger
The Third Messenger
Christian Montillon

Though Perry Rhodan and the Nucleus are skeptical, because they do not know who is responsible for the deactivation of the Needle of Chaos, the facts speak against a trap of the Chaos servants: The core barrier dissolves and the third messenger penetrates into the center region of Hangay, anchors itself, releases immense hypershock waves and forces back the Chaos physics bit by bit. On the ships of the Galactics and Peace Drivers they enjoys the rest after the extinction of the Vibra-Psi – the only exceptions are the Kartanes of the Vibra Squadron for which the Vibra-Psi is refreshing. One of these is Ca-Her-L'ron, the pilot and only survivor of the OREON Capsule JOHSAB, who has deluded herself into not the existence of her massive burns carried off in the attack on GLOIN TRAITOR. The joy of the Galactics is not of long duration. Suddenly the Vibra-Psi starts up once more, and Chaos physics spreads out again. GLOIN TRAITOR was damaged only temporarily. Should the current state continue, the third messenger will also have soon exhausted its strength, and the Retroversion will have failed.

Rhodan has no choice: He orders the second attack on GLOIN TRAITOR. This achieves as little success as the first, because the protective screens of the immense space station are invincible. Then Kamuko, who pursues the attack from on board the THEREME II, intervenes. Kantiran is suddenly tormented by mental impulses that he identifies as radiation from the Glowlight Armor. The suit seems to have chosen him as a potential bearer, but it does not come to this. Kamuko is finally ready to put on the Vector Helmet. Hardly has she done this, as her infirmities disappear. The now restored Prinzipa takes over top command of the fleet with Rhodan’s approval and steers it with the help of her now hypersensitive orientation ability past all the hostile armed forces directly into the immediate vicinity of GLOIN TRAITOR. However, the attack led by her also fails, because the weapons of the Galactics are not strong enough to crack the protective screens of the Needle of Chaos. In this situation Ca-Her-L'ron recognizes that she is living in a sort of fever dream and steers her OREON capsule directly into the screen of the Needle of Chaos, where she dies.

Kantiran raises the idea that structure burner torpedoes could be the solution to their problem. They become used on November 11, 1347 NGE with the next attack on GLOIN TRAITOR. Again Kamuko leads the troops safely up to their destination. The crew of GLOIN TRAITOR does feel threatened by the destabilization of space time caused by the torpedoes and the concurrent massive fire of the attackers, because now for the first time they shoot back. The protective screens of GLOIN TRAITOR start to flicker and the ends of GLOIN TRAITOR anchored in hyperspace reappear - but before the Galactics can take advantage of this, the whole immense structure begins to move and withdraws deeper into the accretion disk of Athaniyyon, where the Galactics cannot follow it. Perry Rhodan suspects that GLOIN TRAITOR will be started running again after a repair phase. The Galactics have not yet achieved the crucial success. But at least the Vibra-Psi has gone out for now...

Jerry Schneiderman 2010-05-04

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