2490 - Die dunklen Grten
The Dark Gardens
Wim Vandemaan

On November 9, 1347 NGE Perry Rhodan orders the attack on GLOIN TRAITOR. It is a matter of using the probably limited period of KOLTOROC’S incapacity to act. All the OREON Capsules get one member of the Vibra Squadron as a pilot and participate in the breaking out battle. The ships of the Ultima fleet are not to participate in the battle, they so they will stay operational. Certainly, the Peace Drivers, the Hangay Squadron, along with both SOL cells and the ARCHETIM Mission Squadron and the CHEOS-TAI which restores normal physics in a closely limited area manage to blow up many of the innumerable Traitanks, but suffer their own losses in return. After six hours of battle, two hundred ninety OREON Capsules, as well as the ATHOS and the PORTHOS are destroyed - and GLOIN TRAITOR is not even damaged. It looks completely as if the Galactics are suffering a terrible defeat.

But the Galactics have a helper, about whose existence they still know nothing. WORLD-WISE, the entity created by the combination of the World Sage of Azdun and the Processors of ESCHER, intervenes in their favor. WORLD-WISE does not flee from Hangay, but lets himself be sucked in by GLOIN TRAITOR – in the same way that the Needle of Chaos does with the energy which it takes from the Psionic Net. WORLD-WISE destroys the calibration of the elementary Quintadim-shifter and lays waste to the Dark Gardens of GLOIN, which serve the Needle of Chaos as energy meadows. WORLD-WISE only barely escapes again afterwards. The Galactics find out that nothing more is to be felt of the Vibra-Psi: GLOIN TRAITOR is not working any more, but is not destroyed.

Shortly before the extinction of the Vibra-Psi the Peace Driver Dewlet Ghiray (a Bey from the Khanat of the Winter World who had been saved after a twelve million years lasting dilatation flight by another Peace Driver and later took his place in the order) undertakes the attempt to destroy the JULES VERNE and thereby kill Perry Rhodan. He does this under the mental influence of the newly born child of his Vibra Squadron pilot Wiia-Na-Daj. This child is a true Emanation, a child of Chaos, and wants to prevent her living space, the Negasphere, from being destroyed. Dewlet Ghiray can free himself only with the extinction of the Vibra-Psi. He sets off the self-destruct mechanism of his OREON Capsule, before it can ram the JULES VERNE.

Once Perry Rhodan feels the absence of the Vibra-Psi, he orders the fleets of the Galactics to withdraw back to Rendezvous Gamma. There, he considers what to do next…

Jerry Schneiderman 2010-04-25

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