249 - Der Geist der Maschine
The Spirit Of The Machine
Kurt Mahr


12 2402. Thanks to Grek-01's sacrifice, Rhodan can let Bell know about the imminent arrival of the Maahks in the Lost System. Bell can resist several attacks, and the Terrans finally block the transmitter so that only them can use it. The chain of the transmitters is under complete Terran control : the Masters of the Islands are now besieged in their own galaxy.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

Shortly after the cargo ship ANBE 3 warns of an impending invasion of the Lost System, the Maahks attack. While the Terran fleet and their allies, the Urals, repulse with difficulties the three waves of the Maahk assault, the scientists and technicians work with Icho Tolot inside of Caliph to install a device which will block the transmitter. Spectral apparitions take place in the asteroid. The engineer, Steve Kantor, meets an energy creature born in Caliph which became intelligent several thousand years ago while residing in the regulator of the central control unit. Perceiving that the Maahks threaten Caliph, the energy being in the regulator helps the Terrans. The blockage device is activated in time, thereby preventing a fourth Maahk assault fleet from materializing in the transmitter of the Lost System.

Michael P. Mahoney

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