2489 - Schach dem Chaos
Check The Chaos
Michael Marcus Thurner

Shortly after the expulsion of the Element of Darkness, the Nucleus asks Perry Rhodan for an interview. He says that the time for hiding is over, because a surprise attack on GLOIN TRAITOR is no longer possible now anyway, after the discovery of the Galactics by String Legacies. The fact that KOLTOROC still knows nothing of the presence of the Nucleus must be exploited. Rhodan is to find a way to lure the Chaopressor into the LAW Giver. There the Nucleus wants to wait for the superintelligence and then attack through a sudden release of the psionic energy stored in it. The Nucleus will be hiding, and Rhodan is to activate a signal at the right moment, which he is given by Fawn Suzuke. Rhodan plans to use Nuskoginus and the other Mightys inside Ruumaytron, along with the stored Biophores as bait for KOLTOROC.

Meanwhile, the SOL cells are sent to explore the area. It is important to determine the position of the Needle of Chaos and find the middle piece of the SOL. On Rhodan’s request Dao-Lin-H'ay has command of the SC-1. The Peace Driver Ejdu Melia, who is suffering through a largely uncontrolled metamorphosis is on board as an observer. She looks to stay close to the Kartane in order to release herself from the transformation that had been “forced” upon her by the Peace Driver Sar-Soar, so that he could have a mate. She has formed a one-sided attachment to the Kartane, which would redirect her transformation into one into a Kartane. The SZ-1 witnesses a battle between Traitanks and a mixed association of Noquaa-Kansahariyya rebels. It intervenes when the Trimarans and other vessels are threatened with destruction, and the Sol cell destroys the enemy in a short time.

From Log-Aer-M'in , the commander of the Ultima Fleet, the Galactics learn that the NK had sent the powerful sixteen thousand unit battle fleet to the Hangay center region - although everyone knows that this is not more than the last helpless gasp for Hangay. The ships are piloted by members of the Vibra Squadron through the chaos of the proto-Negasphere, and they are equipped with newly developed guns, the NKH-artilleries, which can be dangerous for Traitanks, if enough of them use pinpoint fire on one. The Ultima Fleet lost so many ships with the crossing of the core barrier and as a result of attacks by TRAITOR that it has dwindled to ten thousand eight hundred units.

Dao-Lin-H'ay succeeds in convincing her fellow people that the Ultima-fleet must allow Perry Rhodan to assume command of it. The conversation between the two Kartanes is overheard by a String Legate, which has long in been in Log-Aer-M'in’s flagship for some time now. Ejdu Melia is able to perceive the presence of the creature, but has no opportunity to warn her companions, because the String Legate affects the Kartanes and stirs their dislike of the shapeshifter so much that they will not listen to her. At least Ejdu Melia is able to send Rhodan a warning in the radio conversation Dao-Lin-H'ay has with him.

On November 7, 1347 NGE, the Ultima fleet reaches Rendezvous Beta, the rallying point of the Galactics. The pilots of the Vibra-Squadron are to transfer to the OREON Capsules, because they are not maneuverable under their own power in the center region. Rhodan knows that the String Legate is present and will reveal the hiding place of the Galactics to KOLTOROC immediately, but he warns nobody, because only then can his plan be fulfilled. He goes into the hangar of the CHEOS TAI in which the Source Clipper is lying. KOLTOROC promptly personally manifests and immediately exercises extreme mental pressure on all living things present, so that they become incapacitated. Many String Legates simultaneously appear in the hangar. With his last strength Rhodan sends the signal. The Nucleus appears and hits KOLTOROC with a psionic shockwave, but the super-intelligence is only weakened, not destroyed.

After KOLTOROC has fled, the Nucleus makes it clear to Rhodan that little time remains for further action. The Terran orders the relocation of all the ships to a new sun that he designates Rendezvous Gamma and intends to handle the unpleasant task of explaining to his friends why he had to deceive them.

Meanwhile, Ejdu Melia reveals to Kantiran that as a result of the turmoil of the recent days she will soon assume the default of her true form.

Jerry Schneiderman 2010-04-18

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