2488 - Hinter dem Kernwall
Behind the Core Barrier
Michael Marcus Thurner

The CHEOS TAI- crosses the Hagay core barrier at the end of October 1347 NGE, as this begins to oscillate. The transit works only with the second attempt. All the other units of the Galactics, the two SOL-cells and the vessels of the Hangay Squadron, which have all met, are in hangars of the LAW-Giver. The Oreon Capsules follow on their own. The third cosmic messenger is less successful, and fails to get through the core barrier. The Galactics suffer even more strongly in the region from the Vibra-Psi. Gucky is suffering especially badly. He is supported by Karim-Simma, a physician from the beaver like race of the Bautio, with whom he wants to begin a romantic relationship.

A String-Legate is sighted in the JULES VERNE. One of these beings appears briefly in Perry Rhodanís cabin (of all things, the clone elephant Normanís trumpeting warns the Resident and Mondra ) and confronts him on his way to the Main Bridge. The String-Legate disappears without hurting Rhodan, but now the presence of the enemy is no longer hidden to KOLTOROC. The Chaopressor sends the Element of the Darkness, which swallows the spacecraft of the Galactics and the Peace Drivers immediately. Now is the time for the Seven Mighty on board the Source Clipper Ruumaytron to become active. They had collected Biophore tanks of

On- and-Noon quantum in another universe. They now set free a part of the Biophore inside the Element of the Darkness, where they hope to achieve a similar effect, as occurred when the emergence of Quantums of the Darkness emerged. They seem to have success, or at least the Element is weakened and must withdraw.

It is not with a little bitterness that Rhodan must learn that the Nucleus ha used the Galactics as bait and secretly made a deal with the Mightys to achieve this victory. Nuskoginus and his comrades consider it as an opportunity to rehabilitate themselves with the forces of Order. Six hundred twenty-two people disappeared without a trace in the Darkness and one hundred sixty OREON Capsules have vanished with it, irretrievably swallowed up by the Element of Darkness. The Nucleus now assumes that because one of KOLTOROCíS most powerful weapons has been repulsed, the Chaopressoor will now personally attack them...

Jerry Schneiderman 2010-04-09

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