2487 - Die String-Legaten
The String-Legates
Christian Montillon

The Awour Kalbaron Unkaruch, the Security Chief of GLOIN TRAITOR, is ordered by a Terminal Herald to find the person or persons responsible for the malfunction of the Elementary Quintadim-Shifter. Meanwhile ESCHER learns through intercepted Column radio messages that cosmic messenger and many spaceships have advanced into Hangay. The Parapositronic know that one of the messenger is unable to cross the Hangay core barrier and that it is slowing wearing itself out trying to penetrate it. The only way to clear its path is to either destroy GLOIN TRAITOR, which is not possible for ESCHER, or at least weaken it decisively. To this end, Laurence Savoire and Isokrain must read the memory content of ninety-six computers nodes of the Needle of Chaos. ESCHERíS new Processors, the T-Prognosicators, require this data in order to launch the decisive attack on GLOIN TRAITOR.

After three days, during which Savoire and Isokrain have already located and read several dozen computers, the situation is exacerbated by the arrival of some String-Legates. These beings cannot be deceived, and they are matchless trackers. Unfortunately, the last needed computer node is in the well-secured headquarters of GLOIN TRAITOR. As Savoire and Isokrain penetrate it, they are discovered by the String Legates - despite their camouflaging - before they can complete their mission. Isokrain teleports away with his companion, but the String-Legates are not to be easily lost. A return to ESCHER is thus impossible. In order to lose the String-Legates, Isokrain teleports into the Elementary Quintadim-Shifter. The Cosmitter sacrifices himself to save to Savoire from the forces of the Elementary Quintadim-Shifter. But the daring attempt does in fact shake off the String-Legates and Savoire is finally able to return to ESCHER and is finally integrated into the Hyperdim matrix - in other words, his body dies.

The T-Prognosticators get to work, but cannot disable the Elementary Quintadim-Shifter because of the missing data. Still, ESCHER manages to affect this central element of GLOIN TRAITOR so that it goes into a kind of testing mode. This leads to malfunctions all over the Needle of Chaos. In addition, ESCHER sabotages all the computer nodes that are under its control and causes further damage and confusion. However, all this betrays ESCHERíS existence and location to the String-Legates and ends up destroyed by TRAITORíS soldiers, along with the World Sage. But it had been the World Sageís original intention to have his body destroyed. This allows the spiritualized entity WORLD WISE to arise. The entity takes in the consciousnesses of all ESCHERíS Processors and leaves GLOIN TRAITOR. WORLD WISE observes how the barrier wall is beginning to flicker. This happens on October 31, 1347 NGE.

Jerry Schneiderman 2010-03-30

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