2486 - Wispern des Hyperraums
Whispers of Hyperspace
Hubert Haensel

The CHEOS TAI and the Green Legion hide in the detection shadow of the sun Elataum. While Istorico and the technicians of the JULES VERNE continue to try figuring out the secret of an auxiliary conference room the White Hall - rebuilt by the Meta-runners of Evolux, that no one seems able to enter without being repulsed, differences grow between Perry Rhodan and Curcaryen Varantir. Varantir supposes that the Retroversion of the Proto-Negasphere already began with the penetration of the three cosmic messengers, so that the CHEOS TAI is not required at all any more. Rhodan would like to use the LAW Giver for further missions in Hangay, while Varantir wants to return as quickly as possible to Evolux. Because the Algorrian has the Heromets, without whose aid the Galactics could not run the CHEOS TAI, on his side, Rhodan must partially give in. The CHEOS TAI will remain in the orbit of Elataum, while Rhodan will continue the reconnaissance of Hangay with the JULES VERNE. How it should overcome the core barrier, whose existence they assume, is not yet known.

Actually a messenger apiece has anchored itself above and beneath the galactic main level, and begun to restore the Psionic network, making the chaos physics ineffectual and dissolving the external boundary barrier. The Galactics locate the massive hyperenergetic anomalies that are caused by the two messengers, but all trace is missing of the third messenger.

All of a sudden the Nucleus leaves the LAW Giver without any preliminary announcement. Fawn Suzuke, who remains behind, knows only that the Nucleus must hurry if a great disaster is to be averted - what this disaster is exactly, she cannot say. Rhodan is not enthused with the continuous secret keeping of the spirit being and decides to follow it with the JULES VERNE. He demands the participation of an Algorrian on this mission. Varantir declares himself ready to go with the barbell spaceship. Fawn Suzuke also joins the party. When the JULES VERNE approaches the location of one of the two messengers, it runs into danger from incredible hyperenergetic shock waves it produces, along with the resultant rips in the space time structure. Rhodan and Alaska Saedelaere enter the "White Hall". Rhodan supposes that only people with a cosmic consciousness are able to do this safely. Apparently it is a type of observatory that the Meta runners have created in the "White Hall", or an extremely advanced orientation system, for Rhodan can see in it how the messenger restores Order in a constantly expanding area. Two Column MACHINES and some Chaos squadrons that want to attack the messenger, are completely destroyed within seconds - the messenger is very capable of defending itself. The Galactics are therefore not needed here.

Rhodan puts Fawn Suzuke on the spot, but can only pull the location Ixmachi-Afol out of her. This is the Kartane name for a sun indicated in the star charts in the vicinity of the center region. When the JULES VERNE arrives there, two things are determined: There is actually a completely closed core barrier, and the third messenger is trying in vain to penetrate it. It is clear that the messenger - exactly like Object Ultra at that time will soon run out of energy and dissipate. This is also confirmed by the Nucleus that materializes suddenly in the JULES VERNE. It tried to divert the messenger from its senseless efforts, but had no success. It makes it clear that the two other messengers will also soon have exhausted their energy. If they should not succeed in destroying GLOIN TRAITOR within three to four weeks, Chaos will recapture its lost ground. Then the Retroversion will have failed. The Nucleus announces that the SC-1 is hiding in the detection protection of the nearby sun Valadock. It wants the CHEOS TAI and the Green Legion to also proceed there now.

In the background of the core barrier, Nuskoginus and the other Mightys in the Source Clipper Ruumaytron wait for the arrival of KOLTOROC. They are certain that the Chaopressor will attend personally to the cosmic messengers. When he arrives they want to use a new, secret weapon against him.

Jerry Schneiderman 2010-03-22

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