2485 - Hyperflackern
Arndt Ellmer

Slightly irritated by the continuous silence of the Nucleus and the long period of idleness, Perry Rhodan has a bracing meeting on October 7, 1347 NGE: thousands of OREON Capsules of the Peace Drivers, led by the new Patron Kantiran, arrive at Cala Impex, and with them is Prinzipa Kamuko, the Founding Mother. Rhodan is concerned when he sees what a wreck she has become. It is clear to them all that her condition is due to the effect of the Glowlight Armor, and that Kamuko could become a valuable ally, if she could convince herself to put on the Vector Helmet. But the Aeganer continued to refuse to intervene actively in the fighting. When Alaska Saedelaere’s Cappin fragment begins to rave on October 23rd, something else stands out - the border barrier has become unstable. The CHEOS-TAI and the OREON Capsules approach the barrier, the latter with great difficulties because of the weakening Quarter Force. The so-called hyperflickering gradually dies away, but a structure gap in the shape of a funnel continues for a longer time. Strong armed forces of TRAITOR, to which two COLUMNS MACHINES belong, secure this area and mine it. Rhodan, nevertheless, orders the transit. The LAW-Giver is not located, and the OREON Capsules also have sufficient detection protection. The Quarter Force turns out to still or again be effective beyond the border barrier. Unfortunately, during the transit the structure gap shuts again. Then three super powerful UHF potentials appear, in whose "wake" the Peace Drivers can fly on - they are three cosmic messengers which are finally penetrating into Hangay. Another, not identified ship, also managed to follow the fleet through the barrier. Rhodan supposes that it could be the Source Clipper Ruumaytron with which Nuskoginus and his companions have been on the way. On October 24th the CHEOS-TAI (with the JULES VERNE aboard) and two thousand five hundred OREON Capsules (now called the Green Legion) rendezvous at the sun Ultupho. As soon as they have left the barrier, they came under the influence of the Vibra-Psi. The covers of the OREON Capsules offer good protection against this phenomenon. The Nucleus continues to stay silent about any plan, but nevertheless produces an avatar in the form of Fawn Suzuke as a contact partner for the Galactics. Rhodan immediately orders the continuation of their flight deeper into the inside of the Proto-Negasphere.

Jerry Schneiderman 2010-03-14

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