2484 - KOLTOROCS Atem
Horst Hoffmann

Dao Lin H'ay does not feel comfortable with the administration of the base Win Alpha. She wheedles her way onto the SZ-1 out of Don Kerk'radian for the establishment of contact with the Noquaa-Kansahariyya. She wants to go to the NK Segment planet Vatucym and use the contact forest there to transport to contact forest One Hundred Twenty-six, which lies within the core barrier. There she wants to collect information about KOLTOROC.

Reaching Vatucym, she rubs the commander there, the Hauri Beth Astromo, the wrong way. Strangely, there are one hundred and two modern Trimarane battleships parked on the planet, only three thousand light years away from the core barrier. However, a meeting which Dao-Lin has in the contact forest is still more peculiar: She sees some Kartans which can obviously teleport. It turns out that they are members of the so-called Vibra Squadron, which is being trained by the NK on various worlds and is jealously protected. The Kartans of this relay have (as many other of their peers in all of Hangay) gained various para-abilities, definitely unusual for their people, under the influence of the Vibra-Psi. Among other things they can navigate in the Proto-Negasphere what explains the presence of the battle ships and the stubbornness of the Hauri.

On October 23, 1347 NGE, Git-Ka-N'ida and some other members of the Vibra Squadron accompany Dao-Lin to contact forest One Hundred Twenty-six, where they want to guard themselves from KOLTOROC with a Para-block. All of them have taken poison capsules, (in Dao-Linís case she is implanted with an acid capsule), which will release their deadly cargo after three hours. This is meant to prevent any explosive information from falling into hands of the enemy. However, in contact forest One Hundred-Twenty-six the Kartans cannot accomplish anything. KOLTOROCíS mental presence is overpowering. In orbit of the planet float objects which resemble the state ships of the Tarnii-KOLTOROC, and the String-Legates are on their way in the contact forest. These beings resemble giant Tarnii-KOLTOROC, but are able to change their form. They affect the Kartans, so that they cannot move any more, and then they call out to KOLTOROC. Dao-Lin hears a mental message from the risen Afa-Hem-F'ur, who is therefore present in all the contact forests. However, she is not able to help Dao-Lin. But then, all of a sudden KOLTOROC and the String-Legates are distracted by something which has happened in GLOIN TRAITOR.

KOLTOROC withdraws and the Kartans can return to Vatucym. The three hour long period is almost over, and the antidote is given at the last second. A pregnant Kartan that was on the mission has lost her child (the unborn had teleported himself out somewhere). Dao-Lin suffers a severe injury when the acid capsule has to be burned out from her body with a disintegrator shot, due to lack of time. The SZ-1 must make its way back to Win Alpha - namely without Vibra Squadron, because Beth Astromo is ready to kill all of the remaining psi-gifted Kartans, if any member of the Squadron should try to board the SZ-1.

Jerry Schneiderman 2010-03-05

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