2483 - Die Nadel des Chaos
The Needle of Chaos
Uwe Anton

When Portiv-section 3h3h2 is combined with GLOIN TRAITOR, ESCHERíS problems begin anew, because T-Prognosticators are on duty in the main section of the Needle of Chaos. Again the Parapositronic is overloaded with the attempt to bring the decentralized computer networks of the interconnected Column-Forts under control. Again and again the Parapositronic loses control over some Processors which withdraw into self-created worlds of fantasy. One of them is the archaeologist Warding Atarin, who is living an imaginary existence as a TLS agent on Arkon III. The intention to destroy GLOIN TRAITOR ends up having to be modified. Now ESCHER wants to try to affect the elementary Quintadimtrafer which runs through the Needle of Chaos like an internal double helix and must be considered as the point of origin of the Vibra-Psi. If ESCHER succeeds in manipulating the Quintadimtrafer, then this would result in an instability of the barriers in and around Hangay, so that the Galactics could penetrate into the Proto-Negasphere. However, this plan can still not be realized in ESCHERíS current condition. It is also not possible for ESCHER at presently make contact with the SOL center section as planned.

Laurence Savoire and Isokrain are anxious about these pieces of news and look for a way out of the problems. While they explore GLOIN TRAITOR and are almost discovered by a Terminal Herald, they come upon the idea of recruiting very special new Processors for ESCHER: T-prognosticators! The two succeed in bringing such a cyborg in the Thought Chamber. Merlin Myhr makes mental contact with the being, and it is actually ready to volunteer to rise into the Hyperdim matrix. For the T-prognosticator it will be exactly the fulfillment which its people have always striven for. Six other T-prognosticators are recruited and integrated into ESCHER. Now the Parapositronic has seven more Processors, and the enormous computational capacities of the T-prognosticators increase its capacity in not yet entirely foreseeable degree. Now, anyway, the conditions return to normal again, for at the same time Pal Astuin succeeds in disturbing Warding Atarinís fantasy world with paradoxical events so that the Processor finally recognizes the truth and rejoins the Hyperdim matrix properly. The others will soon follow.

The dead cyborg bodies are returned to their accommodation. ESCHER then begins his manipulations and causes chaos in GLOIN TRAITOR. It comes to malfunctions and explosions in the required section. ESCHER has set things up so that TRAITOR will hold the ďdeadĒ T-prognosticators as the offenders. Unfortunately ESCHERíS sabotage was too successful, because one of the computers nodes over which he wanted to affect the Quintadimtrafer was damaged. Savoire and Isokrain got to repair it, then ESCHER is able to become active. He can only hope that the desired effect actually comes about...

Jerry Schneiderman 2010-02-21

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