2482 - Der ewige Kerker
The Eternal Dungeon
Leo Lukas

When the Galactics at the base Win Alpha catch a directional radio signal from ESCHER in October 1347 NGE, it is a relief for many, because since the departure of the Parapositronic most of the mission forces were condemned to idleness, and even the SOL which is still maneuverable in the Proto-Negasphere has accomplished nothing during the last five months. ESCHER informs them that the Column Ferry PASSAGH is on the way to transport a large unit of the Galactics through the Hangay core barrier. It is clear that only the SOL is possible for use with this. In a great rush the SOL center section is disguised with shells so that the original form is not recognizable any more. The two SOL spherical cells will not take part in the journey. When the SOL center section leaves on the sixteenth of October, Atlan, Ronald Tekener, Hajmo Siderip, Trim Marath and Startac Schroeder are some of the people aboard. The rendezvous with the ferry takes place on the twentieth of October. The transportation through the core barrier takes place during the following day with no problem, in spite of all the fears of the Galactics. Then the SOL is off loaded by the ferry and gets rid of its shell once the ferry leaves. Now the SOL heads for the coordinates which SOL had given them. It is promptly located by a Dark Investigator and must flee. It is to be expected that the ship will be hunted in the future.

A few dozen light years distance from the central black hole Athaniyyon three identical spaceships with three thousand eight hundred eighty meters length are discovered which remind them of fir trees wedged tightly into each other. A small mission team penetrates with space jets into one of the ships and discovers an enormous city which is inhabited by many different races – but none of them are real; they are matter projections and holograms. The Galactics find out the name of one of the species which are represented here: It is the Tarnii KOLTOROC. The mutant Trim then perceives a powerful mental presence; at least one real living being must be aboard. Suddenly an alarm is released for unknown reasons. Hyperradio impulses are radiated in which it is stated that, the " mental pattern of Inkadye has disappeared or has expired”. The Galactics withdraw, the SOL destroys the "fir tree ships" and flies off. A mass increase of about seventy kilograms is noted in one of the jets and in storage room they find an unconscious Sorgor female.

This Sorgor has the name Inkadye. She is immortal and serves KOLTOROC as a trophy. The "fir tree ships" are called Koltogor and had been are Inkadyes dungeon for millions of years. Whenever a Negasphere stands close before completion, Inkadye was awoken, so that KOLTOROC could visit her and reminisce in her presence about a long dating back victory over the forces of Order. Koltogor was completely aimed at Inkadye’s needs. All the semi-material artificial beings of Koltogor, like Volfdeprix, Lajo Ferhan, Sebio Euleal, Murtaugh or Skutnik and others, existed only for the purpose of making her stay there pleasant - but she was not able to leave her prison. After every meeting with the Chaopressor all her memories were deleted, and she was put back into deep sleep.

Some time before the arrival of the SOL Inkadye had been woken from a five hundred thousand year long sleep. She had awoken without memories and had had to solve various puzzles to escape from her prison cell; it was intended to recharge her senses and reactions. Gradually she came to learn more about herself and Koltogor. She had tried to reach her conserved spaceship, the AS'RIF, in a deep warehouse inside Koltogor, so that she could flee with it. However, she had not managed this. Then she had observed the arrival of the space jets of the SOL. She had regarded them at first as just another "game" by her captors, but in desperation she had nevertheless shifted herself then with a Fiktive transmitter tinkered together by Goku Kong-Eslan into the sloop. The passage had knocked her out, and when she was brought around by Atlan, Inkadye recognized his Knight's aura. Because even KOLTOROC could not fake such a thing, she believes that the Galactics are real and KOLTOROC’S enemies.

Jerry Schneiderman 2010-02-11

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