2481 - Günstlinge des Hyperraums
Minions of Hyperspace
Wim Vandemaan

ESCHER has the Portiv-section 3h3h2 under control and, meanwhile, already prepares to manipulate the Supratronic of the Column Ferry PASSAGH, which belongs to the fifteen ferries which are transporting the Portiv-section to GLOIN TRAITOR. The Parapositronic even has enough time to set aside capacities to translate the Periodic Chronicle of Latifalk Eight Eight. Laurence Savoire is integrated temporarily into the Hyperdim matrix, so that he also can tap into this mental diorama, which is nothing else than the life history of a being by the name of Latifalk from the people of the Palkari.

Long ago an emissary of the Terminal Column TRAITOR received the order to buy something from a nameless being, which was so powerful that the offered purchase price as well as the violence threatened in case of its refusal meant absolutely nothing to it. Because the being found the machinations of TRAITOR more amusing than the actions of the forces of Order, it made a present of the desired trading goods - the Palkari - to the emissary. These beings similar to snails are brilliant hypermathematicians with a special feeling for hyperspace. They are settled on Palkaron, a ninety kilometer thick artificial planet which is partly embedded in hyperspace and is circled by two TRAITOR space stations which the Palkari think are moons. The Palkari know nothing about their origin or the Terminal Column. In the lap zones to hyperspace now and again appears so-called dimensional weather which can transform whole regions into slippery glazed surfaces and dreadfully deform living beings. Whoever is touched by dimensional weather, however, attains particularly distinct abilities. On Palkaron the hypermathematical convention takes place annually. Particularly gifted Palkari assemble near the so-called Arkanportals. There are altogether thirty-six of these black six sided pyramids on Palkaron, and every year they put a question to the Palkari. Who solves this correctly within eleven days, gains immortal fame and may cross the Arkanportal. What purpose this procedure has, the Palkari have no idea.

The Palkari Latifalk belongs to these which were changed by dimensional weather. He solves the task of a hypermathematical convention, however, gains nothing from it, because his friend Canzuri gives the answer in his place, while he is in a healing coma from his encounter with the dimensional weather. When Canzuri mates with Fahxiage, knowing that Latifalk secretly loves her and then crosses the Arkanportal, which should have been granted, actually, to Latifalk, the Palkari wants revenge. A few years later he participates again in a convention and easily finds the correct answer. When he now also crosses an Arkanportal, he finds himself on one of the two "moons" and learns the truth about Palkaron and its people. Every year TRAITOR recruits new T-prognosticators who are promoted within the Column for the design and administration of particularly important projects and supplement the already enormous capacities of the Supratronics by way of intuition and feelings. In decades of education Latifalk and his comrades must file various tests. During one of these, Latifalk meets Canzuri again. When the spaceship of their group falls during the test into the accretion disk of a black hole, it is to be owed to Latifalk that it can free itself again. Again Canzuri reaps the fame which is entitled, actually, Latifalk, plus he even frames Latifalk so that he is blamed for the disaster. As a result, Canzuri is shifted long before Latifalk to GLOIN TRAITOR - this transfer is the great goal of all T-prognosticators.

However, the Palkari must still undertake another step to become to adequate T-Prognosticators. In a Skapalm bark their body is disintegrated down to the brain and central nervous system, which are transplanted into a cyborg body as a substitute. IN this way their capacity is further increased and they get a life expectancy which is calculated in centuries. Because there have already been eighty-seven T-prognosticators with his name, Latifalk gets the surname Eight Eight. During the following years Latifalk is used at various foci of cosmic events and, finally, also gets to GLOIN TRAITOR. The Needle of Chaos is in the galaxy Troumerrie which already stands shortly before its transformation into a Negasphäre. Latifalk explores the hyperend, the area of GLOIN TRAITOR which is stored in hyperspace, and decides it is the suitable place to fight out his last duel with Canzuri. However, Canzuri knows his way there better than he and is capable of flinging Latifalk off the end into hyperspace. To Latifalk’s surprise Canzuri sacrifices himself during the duel, in order to save Latifalk this destiny - or maybe it is to find his own fulfillment in hyperspace, for which the Palkari always strive. After decades GLOIN TRAITOR appears anew in Hangay. Here Latifalk’s life finds its end when it comes to the confrontation with Isokrain and Savoire. Latifalk renounces releasing an alarm in order to be able to find out what Isokrain is. Then Latifalk and his colleague are killed by Isokrain’s Nano-Columns.

The recording ends with that. GLOIN TRAITOR is finally reached a bit later on. ESCHER announces that he has certain plans for the Column Ferry PASSAGH and the SOL.

Jerry Schneiderman 2010-01-29

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