2480 - Die Prognostiker
The Prognosticators
Uwe Anton

On May 5, 1347 NGE the World Sage of Azdun is brought by the column ferry AGYYRE through the core barrier of Hangay. Thus the Parapositronik ESCHER hidden in the converted supply block, as well as Dr. Laurence Savoire and Isokrain reach the center region of Hangay. The Diakater immediately feels the influence of the Vibra-psi, which makes it difficult to concentrate. Hyperstorms rage in the center zone, and Tryortan gullets develop. The Cosmitter must use his Para-gift, in order to prevent ESCHER from being discovered by a security check. The commander of the Column ferry knows the desire of the World Sage to be taken to the Needle of Chaos cannot be carried out by him. GLOIN TRAITOR is still in the process of being built anyway. Thus he brings the World Sage to the space building site of a segment of GLOIN TRAITOR. This enormous object, the Portiv-section 3h3h2, becomes the residence of the World Sage for the next few months.

Until the object, which will consist with its completion of twenty-four Column Forts, is ready for transport, the World Sage is to be accommodated in TRAICOON 06-202a. ESCHER begins immediately to bring the computer network of the Fort under its control, but comes upon unexpected resistance. ESCHERíS entire capacity is actually taken up dealing with it. Some Processors of the Parapositronic (the consciousnesses of the deceased humans) exhibit strange disturbances. One of them is it is Warding Atarin, who feels carried back to his time as a TLD agent on Arkon III and lives through adventures that seem completely real to him. ESCHER lets Savoire know that he urgently needs new Processors, in order to be able to hold the Column Fort under control. Savoire is fully prepared to rise into the Parapositronic because it is clear that he will die soon either way, but he would only be a drop in the bucket for ESCHER. Instead the Diakater and Isokrain receive the order to manipulate the computers of the Fort in order to facilitate their subjugation by ESCHER.

During one of their missions, the two discover the true source of ESCHERíS problems. Cyborgs with the shape of 2.8 meters thick industrial gear wheels, which call themselves as T-Prognosticators and travel with a so far unknown type of Koffter, regularly dive into the computer systems and strengthen their efficiency exponentially. In addition they maintain a second, independent data network for unknown reasons. Apparently their actions remain secret within the Terminal Column also. One day Savoire and Isokrain get the chance to follow two T-Prognosticators. However, they are discovered by the Cyborgs and come into danger. Isokrain produces Nano-Columns, which finally kill the Cyborgs Ė yet strangely enough this causes no alarms. One of the Cyborgs had been carrying a storage crystal, which Isokrain discovers. After the death of the T-Prognosticators, ESCHER once again has a free path. Thus it is easy to bring large parts of the Portiv-section under its control when this is finished October eighth and transported on the subsequent day by fifteen Column Ferries to the Needle of Chaos...

Jerry Schneiderman 2010-01-18

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