248 - Unter Einsatz seines Lebens...
At Risk Of His Life
Clark Darlton


The Terrans are now the masters of Androbeta. But on Androalpha, the Maahks are getting more active. Grek-1 suggests that he should go spying on Androcenter, the main planet of the Maahks. There, he learns that the Masters of the Island asked the Maahks to check out all chain of transmitters that give access to Andromeda. Grek-1 is eventually spotted as a spy, but before being killed, he creates a rebellion among the Maahks, some of them willing to be freed from the reign of the Masters of the Island.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

At the end of November 2402, fleet gatherings are detected in the Andro-Alpha nebula. On the advice of the Maahk Grek-1, the KHREST II and the IMPERATOR travel to the Andro-Alpha nebula and discover that fleets of the Twonosers (Two-noses) and the Maahks are operating against other Maahk vessels. Aboard a Twonoser vessel, Grek-1, Pucky, Kitai Ishibashi and John Marshall arrive on the planet Andro Center. They learn that the "Masters of the Island" have familiarized themselves on the Maahk political situation after the appearance of the unknown vessel in Andro-Beta. Some Maahk groups have rebelled, which results in actions of destruction and punishment on behalf of the Masters. The “Golden” (Auritrans), one of the rare Maahks to have direct contact with the masters of Andromeda and who represents them in Andro-Alpha orders the reoccupation of the transmitter stations of the outside defense belt of Andromeda and the destruction of the enemy. Grek-1, who wants to lead the Maahk fight of liberation against the "Masters of the Island", presents himself to the “Golden” as the person responsible for the events in Andro-Beta. He is pursued. The two disguised Terran vessels that attack Andro Center are unable to save him. They do manage to take the three mutants aboard and return to Andro-Beta.

Michael P. Mahoney

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