2479 - Technomorphose
Arndt Ellmer

With the re-equipment of the JULES VERNE in the Sol system any more no longer required generators were removed simply by holes cut open in the outside hull, and this was not done with great sensitivity. Now Lanz Ahakin’s people all have their hands full making the barbell ship, which was disassembled into its three constituent parts, whole again in a hangar of the CHEOS-TAI. In addition, they are to test out the prototype of the new Hawk-III type converter. The work is not made any easier for them when the mysterious generators from the Meta-runners become independently active. Mobile objects walk about the ship and carry out inexplicable activities. In the areas which used to accommodate the virtual generators, altogether six round objects with 13.5 meters of diameter which remind one of oversized golf balls unfold. Then the hologram of a Meta-runner appears. This one introduces itself as an Ilz Namib, but the rest of his message cannot be made out.

At last, after several weeks of indefatigable work, Ahakin can announce the full readiness for duty of the JULES VERNE on August 6, 1347 NGE. On the twentieth of August, one and a half months earlier than announced, the Nucleus reaches Cala Impex. Nothing more can be gotten out of it than that they will wait for ESCHER. During the same day the JULES VERNE is recombined and carries out some problem-free test flights. Meanwhile, the Terrans have mastered control of the Trafitron engines, which makes possible fantastic acceleration values for the barbell ship. Three days later a radio message is caught which tells them that Ruumaytron, the Source clipper with which Nuskoginus and his Mighty companions retreated in some time ago is near the border dam. The JULES VERNE proceeds to the source of the impulses and finds out that the Source clipper is affected by Strangeness effects, so that one cannot approach it. It is also secured by a number of Traitanks.

In the protection of the Paros-shadow screen the JULES VERNE attacks the Traitanks and destroys most of them with the VRITRA cannons which had been inserted before the departure of the ARCHETIM Mission Squadron. The remaining Traitanks flee, however, they return some time later with superior reinforcements. The Terrans receive a message from Ruumaytron, which consists of only the words » forty-six percent «, then they must flee. However, JULES VERNE has been encircled. All of a sudden the Holo Ilz Namibs announces itself again. The Meta-runner announces that because of the peculiarity of the situation the unique process of a Hypervastor flash may be carried out. As it turns out, that is the hyperenergetic equivalent of a stun grenade. In this way escape is made possible for the JULES VERNE. Ruumaytron is carried along by a tractor ray, but disappears as soon as they reach forty-six percent of light speed.

On the fifteenth of September an OREON Capsule arrives at Cala Impex. Perry Rhodan learns of the current developments with the Peace Drivers from the android on board. The first contingent of OREON Capsules that will participate in the armed battle and arrive over a reactivated Peace Driver railway station is announced for October or November 1347 NGE. Rhodan also gets the message that Kamuko and the Glowlight Armor were found again.

Jerry Schneiderman 2010-01-11

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