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Using screens Kamuko observes how Kantiran and Cosmuel Kain look around the shipyard hall and discover the individual parts of a disassembled battleship of the superintelligence LIGHT OF ANCESTOR. The mind of the Prinzipa is confused. She regards the two Peace Drivers as enemies that must be destroyed. Almost without noting it consciously, Kamuko activates the robots of the shipyard and orders them to attack both intruders. Then she remembers her past since the emergency context jump of the JULES VERNE.

Kamuko’s past

As the JULES VERNE gets ready to return after the end of the final battle into the relative present from the twenty million years dating back past, Kamuko is making her approach to the barbell ship with the space jet JV-1-SJ-10. Certainly, she cannot infiltrate in time any more, but a spur of this n-dimensional field, which makes the time journey possible, grasps it. After a long period of unconsciousness Kamuko finds her space jet floating somewhere in the empty space between two unknown galaxies. The JULES VERNE is nowhere to be seen, and the hyperlight drive, hyperradio and long range detectors of the jet have failed. However, the life support systems still function. Kamuko recognizes that she can reach neither of the galaxies and she will have to live out her life in solitude. She is alone with herself and her thoughts and cannot distract herself from brooding over her failure in the final battle with even a daily routine that grows into ritual. She gives herself the blame for ARCHETIM’S end and makes a vow: she will never again use the Glowlight Armor for battle.

When she cannot endure the solitude any longer, she reprograms one of her service robots, which she has christened with the name Deprot (Aeganer for "sorrow"), so that he develops something like his own consciousness with time and can serve her as an interlocutor. More than a hundred years pass. Eventually Kamuko recognizes that the Glowlight Armor is beginning to win power over her: this object of Cosmocratic technology holds the Aeganer alive after the normal span for her people, but also takes influence on her spirit. Most of all, the Vector Helmet seems to speak to her with a mental voice, trying to convince her to use it. Certainly, Kamuko defends herself successfully against this tormenting temptation, but one day she must recognize that she cannot take off the remaining armor parts any more, except temporarily for bathing. In her despair she destroys Deprot, but soon repairs him again when she locates an asteroid floating in empty space. Kamuko gets out to examine the rock, and discovers an ancient facility in which she can repair a hyperradio. Some time later a spaceship appears with the non-humanoid Sinlasas, which take her aboard.

The Sinlasa are an aiding race of the superintelligence LIGHT OF ANCESTOR. Kamuko is brought to the seat this entity in the galaxy Ahn-Aarhoven. The LIGHT resides on a paradisiacal island floating in the middle of the magma covered volcano planet, which is stabilized artificially and serves the Enthones as an accommodation. Kamuko is checked by the Heat Legion, which serves the LIGHT, and then gets an audience with the superintelligence. The LIGHT shows itself to her in the form of a mummified dragon like being. The LIGHT is convinced of the fact that Kamuko and the Glowlight armor have not come to it by chance. The superintelligence is a part of an alliance to which ES also belongs, and the LIGHT’S task consists of battling against the Negasphere of the Lord of the Elements. Kamuko finds out about the destiny of the Cosmonucleotide TRIICLE-9 and of the intention of the Lord of the Elements to create the Pseudo-Nucleotide Aqaho-TRIICLE with which he could steer developments in the cosmos. Kamuko should step into the services of the LIGHT and support the superintelligence in the destruction of Aqaho-TRIICLE. Should the Lord of the Elements succeed in finishing this hyperphysical object, then the attempt of a Retroversion of the Negasphere would be senseless, because as long as Aqaho-TRIICLE exists, the real Cosmonucleotide cannot return to its old place. Kamuko is not to be forced into the battle. Instead she gets the order to construct an organization of scouts in the galaxy Altasinth, which should use the Quarter Force in the Universal Lane.

Because the alliance serves neither the Cosmocrats nor the Chaotarcs, but fights for life in itself, Kamuko agrees. She has placed at her disposal all the means, which she needs to establish the moon chain of the Peace Drivers. Androids coming from ES are also part of her supplies. After seven hundred years the work is almost finished in the Rosella Rosado system. In addition, five hundred fifty Peace Driver railway stations have appeared along the Universal Lane. Then the LIGHT appears with an enormous fleet in the Rosella Rosado system. Nevertheless, the superintelligence asks Kamuko to now participate actively in the battle, but Kamuko remains faithful to their vow and declines. Some months after the LIGHT leaves, an eight and a half kilometer thick repair yard for battleships is brought into the system and hidden in a hyperspace alcove inside of the sun. Kamuko makes this station her base. After forty-eight years the triumphant superintelligence LIGHT OF ANCESTOR returns. Aqaho-TRIICLE was destroyed, but the price was high: in the battle against the Dekalog of the Elements and the Terminal Column TRAITOR almost the whole fleet of the LIGHT was destroyed, and the LIGHT itself was lethally injured. The superintelligence dies and is buried in the sun. Now Kamuko believes in being responsible for the death of a second superintelligence, and decides to make the not at all yet existing organization of the Peace Drivers a union of individualists who should work for life in itself and keep out of all confrontations of the higher powers.

When the YRKADA falls surprisingly after seventeen years with the Heat Legion on Ospera, and when after another eighteen years the last Enthones and Varias appear in the Rosella Rosado system, Kamuko’s plans complete themselves. The organization of the Peace Drivers appears, and Kamuko withdraws. She acts only from backstage, and soon she limits herself to pure observation, eventually almost entirely ignoring events of the outside world. The Glowlight Armor prevents Kamuko from growing old during all these centuries. However, the spirit of the Aeganer gets more and more confused. Sometimes she wishes to be able to simply die, but the Glowlight Armor seems to take the view that the former Prinzipa is still needed. Her last companion, the robot Deprot, "dies" with the hypershock of 1331 NGE: When his Syntronic brain fails, he is only a heap of scrap. As a result of the raised hyperimpedance the shipyard can be reached only over a transmitter; originally, it was intended that hypercorridors should be projected for letting ships in and out.

Kamuko’s awaking

At last, Kamuko awakes from the vicious circle of her confused thoughts. She recognizes that the intruders are not her enemies and that she has wasted the last two thousand five hundred years by her useless inactivity. Kamuko calls over the Heat Legion to hold the two, who are about to fall into a previously established deathtrap. She is surprised when she finds out that Kantiran is the son of Perry Rhodan. Kantiran tries to convince Kamuko as to the fact that a battle against the Negasphere of Hangay is inevitable.

Meanwhile, on September 9, 1347 NGE the Peace Drivers choose their new Patron. Chyndor’s message did not miss in its effect: the Peace Drivers elected Kantiran as their new leader. Polm Ombar informs Kantiran of the result when he returns with the THEREME II to Fumato. Now the battle against the Negasphäre is an agreed upon goal.

On September eleventh, Kamuko steps before the Peace Drivers. Her mental stupor has been overcome. She accepts Kantiran’s election and announces the state of war.

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